Glasses optional
Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Rifle ★★★★★ Interesting skill. Don't use her at night.

While fairly effective during the day, her main issue is that she's VERY badly affected by night debuffs. Another thing is she doesn't actually directly affect firepower, but it adds a percentage of her accuracy to the damage.

Gsh-18 Mod

Gsh-18 Mod
Handgun ★★★★ Okay-ish, but expensive for what you get

Her Mod 3 unique equip is alright. It lets her punch through lighter armors, and otherwise is excellent at finishing off weakened enemies, rather than wasting full-power shots on them. This is usually a thing with rifles that don't quite instantly giblet their foes. Her tile buffs are pretty okay.

She's alright but not a priority.


Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Not-exceptional secondary SMG

She's basically a 5-star hybrid-type SMG, except she's not exceptional at either role she can do. She's meant to be a sub-tank, where she does not really excel. She's fine for generic use, but not great for high-end stuff.


Shotgun ★★★★ Managed to forget the most important part of being a shotgun

21 Armour and her HP isnt high enough to make up for it at a mere 231 per dummy link (compare 275 for SPAS-12!). Her skill doesn't help her tank, and while her skill kinda helps a little for mass knockback, her ammo count is awful, so you can't rely on it.

She's better than nothing, but you already get SPAS-12 for free.


Assault Rifle ★★★★★ The Power of Russian Space Magic Is Real

There are not enough ways to say "use her if you have her." I want to make a joke, but its hard to overeemphasize just how good she is. Besides her immensely good uptime (5/8 type), it's raised even HIGHER by her passive, which triggers it everytime she switches targets. In most cases, she will pretty much outperform G11 handily.

Basically the best of the best among daylight ARs, and powerful even at night vs up to light armour. She wants the #7 position on your formation, and there's little reason not to give it. Also she has enough of an Acc Buff that everyone who used to do stupid shit to prop up SR3 can be quiet now, it's all the buff you need to run her.

Spikes Tactical AR-15 Mod

Spikes Tactical AR-15 Mod
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ If you don't use her, you are wrong

The pinkhaired tryhard who is absolutely every bit as good as she says she is. 1 of the best sustained DPS ARs in the game, and can actually hit the RoF cap on her own. She can actually outDPS OTs-14 and 9A91 at night against up to moderately armoured opponents (moderate. Dont try to send her vs Hydras)

As a bonus, her mod skill ups her DPS some more by making her pull out ANOTHER gun and throwing extra attacks that do a % of her main damage, with more damage if paired with M4Mod.

Her mod skill however, does look absolutely retarded unless you're in her mod 3 form. Normally she's supposed to pull out another gun, but since her school skin and base sprite dont have that animation, she instead fires from her scope.

Alma Armas

Alma Armas
Machine Gun Special Second Volley MG, Surprisingly Good

And everyone's favourite "Security Consultant" apparently learned from the Barrack Obama school of physical security. "When in doubt, send drones to fuck it up."

As far as MGs go, it works alright. Needs her special equipment, but she has decent stats and ok buffs, especially when you consider how high her stats actually are (95 firepower with her gear, before any other modifiers) compared to other MGs (the highest base is only 102). She also has 31 base hit, which means like PKP she can use mostly critscopes during the day and potentially gives her surprisingly competitive (actual winner depends on fairies, support, and enemy targets) DPS compared to even M2HB or PK during day battles.


Handgun ★★★ Interesting. DPS Handgun. Fun at Night.

The first DPS handgun that actually produces well.. actual dps. Also might have possibly gotten lost from Kancolle.

Her skill gives her doubleshot and 100% crit rate while active, which is surprisingly strong on a handgun. Dont knock it.

Great as the damage dealer for 5HG teams, or a variety of misc. uses since she actually has alright tiles too. While she's not super impressive during the day (especially compared to good ARs), she shines at night due to being able to pack 100% crit rate while equipped with a PEQ.

Her main disadvantage is what a pain in the ass she is to get, since you need the first 5 volumes of the Comic in the Cafe. Her special costume requires the other 5. This is a heap of batteries.

She's pretty decent though, so it's not exactly a waste to do it.

She also has a mod, and the review for that can be found here.

PKP Pecheneg Light Machine Gun

PKP Pecheneg Light Machine Gun
Machine Gun ★★★★★ Recommended

Along with MG5, the last word on general use MGs until digimind evolution. Chance to fire an extra shot with every shot, and that has extra damage and can crit (it's not an autocrit, but can crit, see notes). At lvl10, it's actually very steady. Absolutely mandatory for 100% of teams that want to make it to the absolute top ranks of datasim.

Heckler & Koch G11

Heckler & Koch G11
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Not as recommended as before but still really good during the day

The most German unit in the game, in that she is both exceptionally lazy and surprisingly good at her job whenever she can be bothered. The source of 90% of HK416's misfortune. Zombie movie afficionado, and owns all 26 seasons of The Flying Dead (Im not making this up.) Originally one of the most broken ARs in the game until digimind evolution and team DEFY showed up. First member of Club "MGs who pretend to be ARs." Max out her skill, point and laugh as she destroys everything. Skill has poor uptime which makes her worse than AN94 in 90% of situations (and arguably worse than STAR Mod3), but still pretty good.

Do note that her skill is completely useless against armoured enemies, which will become an issue later, when more and more armoured enemies appear.

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