Glasses optional
Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

Colt Defender

Colt Defender
Shotgun ★★★★ Funny Burst Damage Shotgun. Has funny comp use.

An absolute weirdo muscle girl, because Shotguns didn't have that fetish covered. Somehow despite her muscles, nobody bothered to ask her to carry any real armor, because her Armor value is bottom-tier for a shotgun at 18, and she is also mildly annoying to get.

Her skill basically unloads every barrel at once, and at max level her reload time is fixed to two seconds instead of the expected five, and she does extra damage based on how close the enemy is. This gives her surprisingly good DPS for a shotgun and in some cases she can burst harder than an MG. She's also currently the best option for fast times on Intermediate data sim.

Two big things to remember though: 1. DO NOT TRY TO BUILD AN EXODIA SETUP AROUND HER, seriously, and 2. Make sure you have something to defend her. RMB-93 mod actually pairs well with her.

Alma Armas

Alma Armas
Machine Gun Special Second Volley MG, Surprisingly Good

And everyone's favourite "Security Consultant" apparently learned from the Barrack Obama school of physical security. "When in doubt, send drones to fuck it up."

As far as MGs go, it works alright. Needs her special equipment, but she has decent stats and ok buffs, especially when you consider how high her stats actually are (95 firepower with her gear, before any other modifiers) compared to other MGs (the highest base is only 102). She also has 31 base hit, which means like PKP she can use mostly critscopes during the day and potentially gives her surprisingly competitive (actual winner depends on fairies, support, and enemy targets) DPS compared to even M2HB or PK during day battles.

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