Glasses optional
Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Handgun ★★★ A knife you tried to bring to a gun fight

The damage from her skill isn't horrible, but let's be frank, 99% of you won't have reason to use her, and she's more of a meme than a real combatant.

SSG 3000

SSG 3000
Rifle ★★★★ It's literally M200 but worse

There's not really much to say about SSG...She's literally a 4 star version of M200. What do you want from me?

The main use she has is for no-dupe players or using her in SC ranking where she has a map bonus.

AS Val Mod

AS Val Mod
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Proof that a good mod can save anything

The Night Royalty have been dethroned, and As Val Mod is the people's commissar of night battles. She's the new top night AR, dethroning Groza. So long as you keep the FP buffs rolling, she cant miss. This counts herself, fairies, and HG buffs; she will proc from most sources. Extremely good compatibility with Python and Nagant revolver, who provide basically constant FP buffs. For some setups (any that let her get a fairly steady stream of FP buffs), she can get basically constant uptime. This means like AR-15, she can run crit scopes at night, which adds even more to her damage.

Also like AR-15, she's a jerk whose last point of damage comes at lvl120, so you'll want to max her out. her special equipment being just a better HV round with no downside is merely icing on the People's Cake.

By the way, her skill works during the day too.

Her original page can be found here.

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