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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Looks good, doesn't quite live up to it. Not awful at least.

She introduces herself as Bushmaster ACR, except she fires in full auto, meaning she's actually a Remington ACR. This is kind of annoying. They should have just let her use her original name of Magpul Masada, seriously. It sounds cooler.

That aside, she has the potential to be stronger than AR-15! ...If you don't mind crippling the rest of your echelon's DPS to do so (Dusk has math figures in the expanded section).

She's honestly not bad, with 65% DPS up baseline and can get free damage stuff in if you have debuff effects already going, but she's not critical or anything. Basically suffers from "there's lots of super good ARs and she's not super good enough to displace the ones you already have."


Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Tried a new thing, turned out to not really be any better than the old things

Her skill does new and interesting things. The effect is... thoroughly average DPS for a 5 star AR.

The problem is that while her initial burst is quite good, the stun puts a massive damper on things. While you can turn off her skill (it's a toggle), unlike K2, the off state isn't interesting at all, being effectively dead time for her skill. However, if you need burst in the time her skill actually works, she can put out. Just be VERY aware of her self-stun and how it can impact you. Because of that, you're likely better off using almost any other t-doll that doesn't require babysitting like she does.

Also, I hope the picture makes you feel dirty, 'cause I felt dirty having to upload that here.


Assault Rifle ★★★★ Decent Enough. Becomes Handy in the distant future

A doll that was forgotten for so long I couldn't find a cleaned up version of her image outside of moegirl.

Her skill does different things depending on whether its a day or night battle. Crit and Damage during the day, Hit and RoF at night.

She's not actually bad, just that she's not exactly overwhelming good, so she just... kinda exists?

And then Shattered Connexion happened and she was helpful against a certain enemy type, but that's far in the future. For now, eh... raise or don't raise, whatever, you'll be fine either way.

Spikes Tactical AR-15 Mod

Spikes Tactical AR-15 Mod
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ If you don't use her, you are wrong

The pinkhaired tryhard who is absolutely every bit as good as she says she is. 1 of the best sustained DPS ARs in the game, and can actually hit the RoF cap on her own. She can actually outDPS OTs-14 and 9A91 at night against up to moderately armoured opponents (moderate. Dont try to send her vs Hydras)

As a bonus, her mod skill ups her DPS some more by making her pull out ANOTHER gun and throwing extra attacks that do a % of her main damage, with more damage if paired with M4Mod.

Her mod skill however, does look absolutely retarded unless you're in her mod 3 form. Normally she's supposed to pull out another gun, but since her school skin and base sprite dont have that animation, she instead fires from her scope.

Heckler & Koch G36 Mod

Heckler & Koch G36 Mod
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Good

Modded version of G36

Distraught by the loss of her braid, she gets over it and discovers the TRUE maid was inside her all along. Or something like that.

Her stats are boosted a fair bit and the %s on her skill get a boost to 5 star levels. At mod 2, she gets a rider on her skill that boosts the Evade of stuff in her tiles, and also boosts her own RoF by 10% for every unit standing in her tiles (Max 2, yes it stacks multiplicatively). Yes, tile fuckery applies.

She does have the problem though that to fully make use of this skill, she needs units standing in the tiles, which weakens her flexibility a bit. Totally still fine for going gung ho and just blazing away in a static formation or if you can keep the formation such that stuff remains standing in the tiles though. Her performance is generally a bee's dick below that of AN94 (and makes a good match for AK12) in general use, but beats the Russians vs armored enemies.

Like any good HK product though, she's pretty expensive, so make sure you're sure about the investment and you have nothing else more important to work on (like AR team). Still, if you like the maid, definitely a thing to look at.

Technically has a combo thingy with Springfield, but it falls under "I guess it exists?" Yeah, I dunno what they were thinking.

QBZ Type 97

QBZ Type 97
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Good

RoF version of Type-95. Can be better than her sister depending on buffs. Keep away from armor units. Do be careful about overfeeding her RoF buffs as its easy to cap it. Feed her firepower instead - she does well with those. Her exclusive equipment makes her better, very well usable, but when you need the stats the most (ranking maps), she rarely can use it, as night battles are quite often what you'll be dealing with.

Spikes Tactical AR-15

Spikes Tactical AR-15
Assault Rifle ★★★★ Use her. If you aren't, you're wrong, period.

AKA ST AR-15, aka Star-chan. High stats, 2 accessory slots, plus Unique Ammo that blows regular HVs out of the water.

Can and will match/outperform most 5 star ARs. Can get close to RoF-cap on her own and basically caps with pretty much any RoF-boost buff. Can easily cap crit. MOD3 makes her even more hilarious with that.

TsKIB OTs-12 Tiss

TsKIB OTs-12 Tiss
Assault Rifle ★★★ Usable

"Are you THAT short on ARs or need cheap equipment that badly?"

You get much better ARs from story events, and there's only so much that you actually need. If you need a cheap AR and already have FNC though I guess she can be useful.

Her exclusive, while it does give her more strength, doesn't let her outperform many 4* ARs.

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