Glasses optional

Stats given are for 5 red star HOCs at level 100. For stats at lower rarities/levels and general information, check the overview.

QLZ-04 #


She's basically like AGS, but overall slightly worse. Her main shtick is that her targeting is completely random, so you'd really only use her if you need random targeting for some reason and feel lucky. The main use case for this would probably be killing secondary enemies on boss fights but...eh. You'll probably only be using her if you have a reason to field every single one of your HOCs.

Note: Skill evals are a placeholder done by me (Kyazuki), and will be amended by Xecty later. Maybe. I'll keep bugging him to do it. Probably.

Regular attack

Randomly targets enemies with distortion barriers. Fires 3 grenades, each doing one-third of the damage/pierce per grenade.


Lethality 123 Pierce 152 Precision 217
Reload 368 Firing Range 1-3 tiles Armour Piercing 80
Ammo cost 400 Ration cost 600


QLZ-04 grid when maxed out
Skill #1
Name Misty Disruption
Effect Every 2 attacks additionally inflicts 1 smoke marker, which reduces the target's evasion and accuracy by 25% for 5 seconds.
Increases your doll's throughput and survivability, but it being a single-target skill only hampers its effectiveness. Nice for bosses, though.
Skill #2
Name Sequential Strike
Effect Fire a special round 3 seconds after the battle begins, causing the target it strikes to take an additional 12 damage every time they're hit, for 5 seconds. Fire another special round every 4 seconds after that. This additional damage is not affected by damage-reducing effects, but it is affected by force fields and damage caps.
This is her main gimmick that sets her apart from the other HOCs. Any target that has this debuff on them suffers an additional 12 damage. Do note that the debuff only applies to one target when activated. This is nice, but usually it doesn't make or break a fight. It'd be a lot nicer if the shot could do splash damage, making it very good against enemies like Orthruses (the KCCO dogs), but it doesn't.
Skill #3
Name Aiming Flexibility
Effect Every 2 attacks, increases self damage and accuracy by 15% for 20 seconds. Max 3 stacks.
More damage. This applies prior to attacking, so she'll get the buff before the shots land. Not much else to say about it, really.

United States 60mm Mortar, M2 #

United States 60mm Mortar, M2

Not to be confused with the M2 Bradley, M2 Browning, M2 Light Tank, M2 Medium Tank, M2 Carbine, M2 half-track, or… yeah, the US equipment naming scheme kinda sucks, which is fitting.

M2 is for most purposes a slightly worse 2B14 (lacking her huge opening burst) – but that still makes her the second best HOC to use against unshielded enemies. This comes up e.g. in future theatres, where one shield breaker is generally sufficient and unshielded formations your bigger worry, making an ATW/MTR/MTR loadout attractive.

Additionally, her targeting prioritizes the back row, which comes up occasionally as well to prune backrows when other means aren't available (PL ranking e.g.).

And despite how wonky her grid looks, she can be fully maxed out.

Regular attack

Launch a mortar to deal 1x lethality and pierce to enemies with a radius of 2.


Lethality 154 Pierce 63 Precision 147
Reload 225 Firing Range 3 tiles Armour Piercing 40
Ammo cost 600 Ration cost 400


United States 60mm Mortar, M2 grid when maxed out
Skill #1
Name Curved Lightning Strike
Effect Fire an addtional mortar after every 2 normal attacks to deal an extra 0.6-1.2x lethality to enemies within a radius of 2.
Doesn't fire at the start of battle, unlike 2B14 and as has a much lower AoE range, but with sufficient reload buffs it has a much faster cycle rate (6s vs. 10s), helping M2's sustained DPS somewhat. Since you need all the lethality you can get, obviously high priority to raise, and arguably the only skill worth bothering with on M2.
Skill #2
Name Fatal Interference
Effect Place a stack on a random ally that increases their accuracy and evasion by 10% for 5 seconds for each group of enemies within the explosion range of this unit's attacks. Max 3 stacks per ally.
On the upside, it always triggers and works on the first hit, on the downside, its targeting is random and it's only a minor buff to a stat that may or or may not even be relevant to the unit in question. Not a priority.
Skill #3
Name Load Inertia
Effect +10% Precision after every attack for 8 seconds, max 3 stacks.
With how wonky precision works (not affected by night penalty, 40% minimum hit rate for lethality, 100% hit rate for shield pierce, etc), you will struggle to find a situation where it matters, as you'll only see even a theoretical difference with enemies that have 50+ evasion… and even then the buff is small and usually not worth the investment.
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