Adolescence Normal


We're still around chapter 1 levels of power here. Big difference is, we're already having night battles! Hope you have at least some night vision. Things shouldn't be too bad without it since stuff is fairly weak, but for a new player it could be a little iffy. Try and get some night vision ASAP though, there's more night maps to be done in the future. If this is your first encounter with a night map, please bring a HG with you on your echelon so you can actually have vision on the map.




Objective: Capture enemy Command Center
Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG, Dummy

This map is pretty much a stealth map. You'll want to avoid the big scary skull marked Manticores. Thankfully the ones near your Command Center loop around in a set pattern, however their starting position is random. You also start with two Radar Towers, making them easy to spot. 

You can end this in two turns by taking one of the closed heliports and deploying a dummy on your Command Center. From there, you can rush to the enemy Command Center on the next turn. Just be sure to stop on only other Radar Tower on the map to make sure the path you pick to the enemy Command Center is safe, as there is another Manticore lurking around.

Video of me clearing this map




Author: Kazuki
Tags: Va11-halla
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