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FABARM SAT-8 – ★★★★★ Shotgun

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She's still usable and good enough to deal with older content just fine, but the new shotguns currently available just blow her out of the water so hard. Sad day to be a pizzalion.

That skill happens to be giving your entire front row a 35HP shield, that takes armour into account first. It also has 5/8 uptime. Basically, if your SGs took scratch damage before? They should take literally nil now, unless its a really major fight or you were silly enough to go fight anti-armour enemies.

Additional Notes#

Dusk's Notes#

Utility-wise, a very good unit. What she is amazing at is that her skill actually triggers every fight, unlike most other SGs. She can potentially fight unlimited enemies as long as the enemies cannot break her shield, which can be helpful. 

She is, however, less useful when enemies do break her shield easily, usually because of high damage or AP. With only 35 hp on her shield, if she doesn't block all damage, the shield really doesn't provide much protection. Additionally, when your shield can survive all the hits, taking those hits really never mattered in the first place.

That being said, it's still better than other SG skills that don't trigger anyways. Do note that she has 22 armor, which is the top-end for 4* SGs but the low end for 5* SGs. 

HP Shield Notes by Dusk#

When a grenade lands on a shielded unit, the number of dummies are not considered, and the shield is considered as 1 dummy. This means that future enemies that do grenade damage will only do 1 damage instance instead of 5 if you have a shield active when it lands. 

Shields should provide [Link Protection] as well, which means that a single instance of damage that destroys your shield will not spill damage to your dummies. Might be useful in some cases, especially with high damage bosses with an EVA tank, as it effectively nullifies a single hit when you are dodging most of them. 

The above, crossed out statement is not true. Sorry. When a hit breaks through a shield, the spill damage will still affect the unit with the shield. This can be tested in Dreamer fights (or any fight against a boss that deals high single hit damage) with any type of HP shield (not Force shield) 

I may move this part to another page entirely detailing everything about HP shields in the future, as there are now many more units with it. For now, I'll leave this here so people can shame me. 


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