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Winchester M1897 Trench Model

Winchester M1897 Trench Model – ★★★ Shotgun

Serviceable, but nowhere as good as her Rep says she is
Tags: Class: Shotgun Role: Armor Tank Tile: Buff Acc

I want to say good things about this doll. I really do. It's an iconic shotgun with a hella rep and even got accused of being a warcrime. The rep is exaggerated, but not entirely undeserved.

Her design is... blah. Trench Broom apparently = shitty maid.

But are her stats ok? ...Eh, they're alright. Like the real thing they're serviceable. The tiles are passable (not great, but its 50% acc on a shotgun which helps some MGs) and she has passable HP. Her armour is a little low due to her 3 star nature, at 21.

Not the worst thing ever, but far far from your first choice. Mae would probably not take her into battle.

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Xecty Note!

Image is from C&Rsenal's patch pack which you should totally buy the shit out of, because they're great and it's only $12+shipping.

I'm also obligated to say we're not actually affiliated with them in any way, we just find their shit really awesome.

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