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Beretta AR70

Beretta AR70
Assault Rifle ★★★ Trophy Raifu

A product of old design from before the devs really understood what they had going. Mostly notable for her odd aura which gives colossal accuracy boost, but her stats are kinda eh and you end up with an overall DPS loss still. A fairly meh grenade and basically the sort of sort of thing that would be useful for an early player, except at 21 days in at least, you probably have better already (Hint; You do, you should have AR team by then).


Handgun ★★★ Budget FP buff if you ran out somehow

Not much to say. If you somehow dont have enough FP buffing handguns (unlikely unless you're noduping handguns and deploying lots of units in ranking) then she's a budget pick. Not bad for a 3 star HG but she won't see use very often simply because you're likely to have better ones lying around.

Heckler & Koch MG4

Heckler & Koch MG4
Machine Gun ★★★★★ Garbage until modded

The "IM READY!" but Never ready meme girl. Well, until she gets a mod, then she's ready. But for her base version? She sucks.

Basically she is outperformed by even 2 star MGs.


Rifle ★★★★ Trophy Raifu

A small bamboo with a bonus side effect. Unfortunately the side effect isn't enough to make her worth it. A shame really, since she looks nice.


Rifle ★★★★★ Trophy Raifu

She was part of the group of 5 stars, where they tried out new things to see if they would work. Unfortunately, the wonkiness of how she worked and not playing into how battles played out, AT ALL made her shittier than even the mediocre 3 star RFs. RIP wasted design.

With the revision, it's even worse now. You can literally improve her DPS by turning her skill off, due to the aim time taking longer than normal RoF while still dealing only 1x damage. ...And it still generally doesnt get to punch through stuff.

Somehow, after all this time, she's still in the dumpster. At least Kar98k got some love?

LaRue Tactical OBR (Official Boob Rifle)

LaRue Tactical OBR (Official Boob Rifle)
Rifle ★★★ Meh

Notable mostly for confusing me on which was her damaged art and which was her normal art when I first saw the previews, she was introduced at a dark time for new RFs.

Basically a 3* T-5000. The problem is of course that 3 star versions of 4 star guns rarely work well and while T-5000 sees some use dealing with armored dodgers at night, this thing doesn't have nearly enough stats to make it work. If the target isn't dodging, she does about as well as G43. Except G43 is basically free because she's a 2 star and is more likely to end up with a mod down the line than this thing.

CZ Scorpion EVO 3

CZ Scorpion EVO 3
Submachine Gun ★★★ Trophy Raifu

She's not really much better than Sten. Only you don't get 3 of her to start with. While she's not really worse, getting only 1 copy + getting her way later than you'd find it useful work against her. Think of it as the difference between getting a slightly better car or a car that is not noticeably worse but you get free insurance with it. Both will be replaced shortly either way unless you really, REALLY, want to play 3 star frontline.

Nambu Type 100 Submachine Gun

Nambu Type 100 Submachine Gun
Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Carried by her mod

Aka Hyaku Shiki if you're a fucking weeb.

Originally pox upon the 5 star SMG drop pool. The reserve girl holding the current record for "longest time from production to actual release" at over 2 years from being mentioned to being worked on to finally seeing light of day (SCAR doesn't count, as she was only rumours). I think she forgot how to be a t-doll with how long she was left there. She's... pretty I guess. But for the most part, her performance makes you go "Ah, that's why they lost the war."

Possibly utterly shit due to being designed by the same dude that designed possibly the least safe service pistol ever issued in the history of humans shooting each other, but this was 1 of his actually decent guns dammit.

Thankfully she got a mod that made her actually good (although RO existing means you wont use it too much). The base version however suffers from long startup and poor numbers that take way too long to get going.


Submachine Gun ★★★ Most notable trait is weird art stuff

A doll most famous for "we forgot to actually add an animation on her chibi for throwing her flashbang." The damage buff is surprisingly high for a free 3 star doll, but really using her means you're probably scraping the bottom of the barrel. She had some use in the early days when there was a severe lack of SMGs, but she was released on EN into an age where units like C-MS, P90, etc. exist, and in the middle of an event where C-MS was basically given for free.

Oh and I guess her damaged art is pretty lewd if you're into that.

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