Glasses optional
Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Has some funny niche uses, taunt can be useful.

Honestly the part you care about is the damage reduction and taunt, which can be useful depending on the type of enemy you're fighting. She wants very much to be the off-tank, in a classic ARSMG formation, and actually has decent tiles for it.

She is NOT for normal use due to her awful DPS, but the taunt can be useful vs certain enemies in the distance to keep them from interfering with the fight (for example, the new model Army tanks). The taunt can also affect random-target type enemy attacks.

Heckler & Koch UMP9 Mod

Heckler & Koch UMP9 Mod
Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Not bad, but also really expensive for what she does

On one hand, she's actually not bad, being a flashbang unit with a solid backup skill (If it's vs. a boss, she becomes a shielder tank instead with some minor evasion buffs) that also helps kill mooks faster. On the other hand, she has a mod3's price tag and opportunity cost, at a time when there's lots of nice mods running around.

If you already have a nice set of mod3 dolls, go ahead. If not, consider saving it for later.

...Oh, and you can save yourself the trouble of getting her mod equip. It's kinda pointless on a tank.

Her previous iteration can be found here


Submachine Gun Special Decent SMG that is also very memeable

The meme potential of a girl with a camera and a smiling face is good enough reason to have her (now that we have multiple secretaries), but she's also not half bad as a combat unit. She gets a shield, and having the shield gives her FP buffs, while losing the shield means she's getting EVA buffs. The uptime is quite good, so she's not a bad side DPS (she has a 69% damage buff at 2 stacks and 119.7% at three stacks) that can sub-in for off-tanking and can even work as a main tank (44% eva at two stacks and 72.8% at 3). The problem is the optimal timing can be a little iffy, but she's alright for AFK fighting since it'll generally be good enough, just not fully optimized. The tradeoff between her and SR-3MP is just uptime vs power.

As expected of the main girl I guess.

Oh, and her tiles are weirdly shaped, but this is not uncommon for off-tank dolls anyway.

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