Glasses optional
Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

Rex Zero 1

Rex Zero 1
Handgun ★★★★ P22 but 4 star and with opposite side tiles.

Another of those HGs that buff based on leadership position, with the Squad Lead getting an alright shield and everyone else getting an FP boost (as opposed to P22 which is positional based). Sometimes you might need that mix. If you do, there you go. Else, she's basically a slightly off-brand P22.


Submachine Gun ★★★ Meme login doll

Her skill is kinda neat, but ultimately, you're not going to get much mileage out of making 2~3* dolls better. Cool tiles though, I guess.


Machine Gun Special Extremely accurate to the anime and manga (which is not a good thing)

Props for accuracy. She spends the animoo's story just living in the dorms and only coming out for tests or really weird situations where they cant spare bodies, and she's basically the same in the game - she'll be in your dorms a whole lot. She also has three unique items that affect her passive but otherwise all do the exact same thing. She isn't completely useless, but there's not much reason to pick her over other MGs that don't have finnicky mechanics, because you frankly will not need that many MGs anymore.

Walther P22

Walther P22
Handgun ★★★★★ Nobody actually likes her, but everyone wants her

One of the more maligned, design-wise, of the Infukun rangers. As a character, she's OK I guess. As a design, she's not as good as the rest of the stuff Infukun made before he left Mica (G11 is peak Infukun). As a unit... she's actually kinda crazy, with a buff for every occasion that makes her one of the best and most flexible T-dolls in the game. Shields for the front, Damage for the back, Acc and Eva for the middle row in case you need that. If you could only get one doll from Isomer from farming, farm this one. Seriously.

If she offends your senses that much, stick a paper bag on her head.

MP446 Mod

MP446 Mod
Handgun ★★★★ Another funny buffing handgun

Passively, she's Mk23 with better tiles. Regarding her active abilities, she isn't as nice as Mk23's straight damage upgrade for some, but better for others (such as fights with Grape that require her to shoot faster). They're similar but not interchangeable so you'll need to use the space between your ears.

Also she's kind of boring and has no easy jokes besides the Viking name, which doesn't suit her at all, so blah.

M1895 Nagant Revolver Mod

M1895 Nagant Revolver Mod
Handgun ★★★★ Those who disagree with her get shot. (Funny specialist, but good)

Babushka says not one step backward. Every seventh shot, she gives a damage bonus! Also, the thing starts active, making her one of very few buffers with a start-of-battle skill activation. Her first skill is still defensive in nature, and the percentages got bigger. She's actually useful in a number of situations, either for reducing enemy firepower in specific fights (usually Gundam or tank related) or just the straight DPS boost from the get-go. You only really need her up to Mod 2, but the Mod 3 art is cute.

Her pre mod form is here


Handgun ★★★★ Niche uses

+90% Acc Buff aura at 5-links. Also has a +damage up but that's just icing on the weird, underwater-themed cake. With NV equipment, allows you to completely destroy scouts in night battles if you're actually desperate for that. Normally not a buff I recommend, but she actually gives a lot of it so if you're wanting an actual acc buffer, she'll be 1 of the ones you want. Not as important anymore since there will be other sources of acc boost, but... sometimes you might want something?

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