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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Anti-Elite SMG. Usable.

Off-tank DPS that hates Elite units and provides various benefits. Her damage increase isn't stellar, but she has enough rider effects that you can probably find some use for her. Like C-MS, she can equip AP rounds. YMMV with regard to how useful that is.

AUG Para

AUG Para
Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Quirky multi-mode sub-tank

Another one of those attack/defense mode sub-tanks. Weirdly cheerful unlike her somewhat gloomy sister, though she's probably even weirder in the head. The stat changes and adjustments are applied every 0.1 seconds, so it takes a few seconds for it to take full effect. The big quirk is she gains a flat amount of stats rather than a percentage which applies after all other buffs, but ALSO after the night time accuracy penalty, which means she's about as accurate as a PEQ-equipped AR at night while she's in attack mode. It also happens after Fairy debuffs are resolved, so you can also use her to dodge or attack even while under Parachute Fairy debuffs.


Submachine Gun Special Off-tank with more focus on DPS

Kinda lewd. Her side DPS actually isn't awful, but her ability to tank sucks. Also it's called Jashin-chan Dropkick because she... dropkicks things.


Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Not-exceptional secondary SMG

She's basically a 5-star hybrid-type SMG, except she's not exceptional at either role she can do. She's meant to be a sub-tank, where she does not really excel. She's fine for generic use, but not great for high-end stuff.

Pistolet-Mitrailleur de 9 mm modèle 1949 (MAT-49)

Pistolet-Mitrailleur de 9 mm modèle 1949 (MAT-49)
Submachine Gun ★★★★ She Does It For Free

4* version of JS 9 with slightly different stat spread (worse eva, basically) and awkward tiles. Can be used similarly to her, if you don't mind kiting her more to make up for the goofy positioning.

Her biggest advantage is that you will be farming 12-4E enough to get sufficient copies of her to x5 link her for free, but by the time you can reach 12-4E you should have better SMGs.

So overall… meh. Does the job, but so will others.


Submachine Gun Special Decent SMG that is also very memeable

The meme potential of a girl with a camera and a smiling face is good enough reason to have her (now that we have multiple secretaries), but she's also not half bad as a combat unit. She gets a shield, and having the shield gives her FP buffs, while losing the shield means she's getting EVA buffs. The uptime is quite good, so she's not a bad side DPS (she has a 69% damage buff at 2 stacks and 119.7% at three stacks) that can sub-in for off-tanking and can even work as a main tank (44% eva at two stacks and 72.8% at 3). The problem is the optimal timing can be a little iffy, but she's alright for AFK fighting since it'll generally be good enough, just not fully optimized. The tradeoff between her and SR-3MP is just uptime vs power.

As expected of the main girl I guess.

Oh, and her tiles are weirdly shaped, but this is not uncommon for off-tank dolls anyway.

JS 9

JS 9
Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Pretty good. DPS or Eva tank flex is nice

kazuki wrote this because xecty is a lazy fuck, it'll probably get rewritten

On skill activation, gain stacks of EVA or FP. The caveat for this is the amount of enemies on the field, the more enemies on the field, the less stacks of FP (base of 3) you get and in exchange, you get more stacks of EVA(max of 6). So what this means is, versus a boss she'll be a DPS SMG with her three stacks of FP, and versus swarms of enemies, she's an evade tank. So be sure to think about how you'll be deploying her.

One particular area she excels in, and probably the most useful, is during night battles. Her tiles allows for you to run her with Mk23 on 5 so you don't need to drop an AR for a HG.

AAC Honey Badger

AAC Honey Badger
Submachine Gun ★★★★ Decent Enough

Yet another very small rifle that got classed as an SMG. Basically a 4 star SCW, but with much better tiles and less blah %s on the skill. Stats are ok, but not exceptional. Like SCW, trades some firepower for more +eva on the skill. Whether this is worth it... ehhh YMMV. Personally not, but maybe it'll help for some of you?The big thing is really the nice tiles with some extra shootiness. Not the most impressive offtank but there are worse ones and she'll get the job done for most basic applications.

She's sufficiently straight offtank that there isn't much to say

Colt Sub-Compact Weapon (SCW)

Colt Sub-Compact Weapon (SCW)
Submachine Gun ★★★ Trophy Raifu

The absolute trophy raifu, because getting her is absolute ass, being more annoying than any other chapter exclusive. She is literally the only doll whose farm is so bad I will actually recommend autobattling rather than doing her map over and over. It's THAT bad for what you get and she isn't even worth it except for the 100% completionism.

Her tilebuffs are not great (6% Firepower, 10% RoF directly behind her), and her dodge buff is extremely blah for a 5/8. Her self-damage buff is not the worst while having surprisingly high Firepower for a 3 star SMG, but nowhere near as effective as SR3 or later, similar SMGs. Overall, a trophy raifu that you might be able to press into service if desperate enough, but I really wouldn't count on it.

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