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JS 9

JS 9 – ★★★★★ Submachine Gun

Pretty good. DPS or Eva tank flex is nice
Tags: Class: Submachine Gun Role: Hybrid Smg Skill: Selfbuff Eva Skill: Selfbuff FP Tile: Buff Crit% Tile: Buff RoF

kazuki wrote this because xecty is a lazy fuck, it'll probably get rewritten

On skill activation, gain stacks of EVA or FP. The caveat for this is the amount of enemies on the field, the more enemies on the field, the less stacks of FP (base of 3) you get and in exchange, you get more stacks of EVA(max of 6). So what this means is, versus a boss she'll be a DPS SMG with her three stacks of FP, and versus swarms of enemies, she's an evade tank. So be sure to think about how you'll be deploying her.

One particular area she excels in, and probably the most useful, is during night battles. Her tiles allows for you to run her with Mk23 on 5 so you don't need to drop an AR for a HG.

Additional Notes

Dusk's Notes#

As usual her buff stacks multiplicatively. 

3 stacks of FP gives her 237.5% FP (1.5^3 - 1). 

6 stacks of EVA gives her 505% EVA (1.35^6 - 1). 

Both are pretty high numbers but require relatively extreme amounts of enemies (extremely low or extremely high). 

The number of stacks is counted WHEN she activates her skill, so the buff doesnt change when enemies die/spawn after her skill is activated. 

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