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Iron Brigade Armory XM3 Rifle

Iron Brigade Armory XM3 Rifle
Rifle ★★★★ If you're STILL short of night rifles by the time you get her somehow I guess?

Let's be fair, you take 1 look at her design and you saw that gag coming.

Stats aside, she's basically an improved G43 statwise. Unfortunately unlike G43 she isnt available at the start, since you need to be at chapter 10 to ever get her, by which time you SHOULD have some leveled rifles (or else you would have suffered even getting into a position to farm her to begin with), She is also much more expensive.

Good at night (hampered primarily by her slow ICD, which can be a problem depending on enemies), but is weaker during the day. Due to a mix of being late to the party and not being a very good at general purpose use, YMMV. Saw some ranking use due to her really high acc at 1 point, but not exactly as famous for it as some other RFs were. You will however get so many of her during 10-4E farm that she's often seen as free cores for a reason.

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Type81R Carbine

Type81R Carbine
Rifle ★★★ Trophy Raifu

A 3* G43, except DPS is abysmal during the day and she's not actually better than G43 at night. And is 3 star. ...And unlike 1919 and MGs, you dont have THAT big a shortage of rifles you can use early on.

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Walther Gewehr 43 (G43)

Walther Gewehr 43 (G43)
Rifle ★★ Good at Night

G43 is similar to M14 in night battles, but with a RoF skill instead of damage. Actually pretty good, suffers a little (ok a lot) in the day, but still better than nothing. At night however, very high RoF gives her a lot of nice things.

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