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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Assault Rifle ★★★★ Interesting, but not very likely to be used

The best dorm doll with how fucking out of it she is, and with some absolutely amazing dialogue both as general lines and in her appearance in the CT story, and a great design. Her damaged art being fuckin' bonkers is great.

And that's where most of the praise is going because her performance is... well it's not dismal, but it suffers from the same 8-second ICD issue grenadiers have in general. Should that not be an issue though, her self buffs at night are actually alright, since it gives her more mileage than other grenadiers. You aren't very likely to use her though, simply because things like SOP still exist and will likely have better performance.

T65 Assault Rifle

T65 Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle ★★★ Budget Option

Okay so maybe China doesn't ABSOLUTELY hate Taiwan? Or else this gun wouldn't have stats literally on par with (or in many cases better than) actual 5 star ARs. She actually outdamages T91 during the day flat out. At night she's a super budget option that won't match 9A91 or any of the better ones, but at least she's cheap. She does however suffer from being a login doll, but she becomes permanently farmable later. Tile buffs are surprisingly alright for a free login doll.

Really a budget option, but at least one that isn't awful.


Iron Brigade Armory XM3 Rifle

Iron Brigade Armory XM3 Rifle
Rifle ★★★★ If you're STILL short of night rifles by the time you get her somehow I guess?

Let's be fair, you take 1 look at her design and you saw that gag coming.

Stats aside, she's basically an improved G43 statwise. Unfortunately unlike G43 she isnt available at the start, since you need to be at chapter 10 to ever get her, by which time you SHOULD have some leveled rifles (or else you would have suffered even getting into a position to farm her to begin with), She is also much more expensive.

Good at night (hampered primarily by her slow ICD, which can be a problem depending on enemies), but is weaker during the day. Due to a mix of being late to the party and not being a very good at general purpose use, YMMV. Saw some ranking use due to her really high acc at 1 point, but not exactly as famous for it as some other RFs were. You will however get so many of her during 10-4E farm that she's often seen as free cores for a reason.

Type81R Carbine

Type81R Carbine
Rifle ★★★ Trophy Raifu

A 3* G43, except DPS is abysmal during the day and she's not actually better than G43 at night. And is 3 star. ...And unlike 1919 and MGs, you dont have THAT big a shortage of rifles you can use early on.

T91 Assault Rifle

T91 Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Usable, if you ignore the core cost.

Known on other servers as 5 cores .

She has marginally stronger performance to 9A-91 despite her significantly higher bases due to her considerably lower FP buff. You're honestly better off using daylight ARs at night rather than working on her due to cost.

Crit buff generally doesn't help much at night for ARs not named STAR15 or SOPMOD (unless you're doing something weird), and her FP boost isn't enough improvement over a day AR to make it worth your trouble. Even worse, Crit is calculated AFTER armor, so that makes her double sad.

TsKIB OTs-14 Groza

TsKIB OTs-14 Groza
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Recommended at night, okay at day

The Night Empress. The last word in Night Battle ARs (though 9A-91 gets close with her unique). Also somewhat usable during the day (G41 tier), but having +200% damage at night allows her to even do some damage to armor despite being an AR.

That said, with armour increasing dramatically in future events, most likely not worth duping. By Singularity, and especially later, armour will have increased to the point of making even low-tier rifles much better than ARs.

Hanyang Type88

Hanyang Type88
Rifle ★★★ Niche uses

Good mostly for her live2d skin that is amazingly lewd and basically porn.

Her Mod is fucking weird and actually good whenever EN gets it, but it's probably a long way off. can be found here.

KBP 9A-91

KBP 9A-91
Assault Rifle ★★★★ Recommended

The Night Princess. If you need a Night Battle AR, she's the 2nd best girl behind Groza. Unlike Groza, you can actually build her. Her unique equip makes her even sillier, but she's excellent even without it… at night. At day, she only barely keeps up with FNC or F2000.

AS Val

AS Val
Assault Rifle ★★★★ Can be, gets better

Currently the Night Commoner, with her performance being the lowest among the three heavily used night battle ARs. However, through the mod system, becomes the Night Goddess/General Secretary. Yes, even better than Groza. Power to the people! Overthrow the monarchy! Or something.

Without it, she'll somewhat outperform daylight ARs at night, although not as well as the rest of the Night Royalty. Even then, the stronger ARs will still outdps her.

Her mod entry can be found here.

Walther Gewehr 43 (G43)

Walther Gewehr 43 (G43)
Rifle ★★ Good at Night

G43 is similar to M14 in night battles, but with a RoF skill instead of damage. Actually pretty good, suffers a little (ok a lot) in the day, but still better than nothing. At night however, very high RoF gives her a lot of nice things.

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