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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Hark, an interesting AR for once

Status warfare doesn't come up too much in GFL too much given bosses are routinely immune to it and elites get shortened status effect durations, but if you actually need status effects from an AR, the stun is surprisingly far-reaching behind the initial target, and she prioritizes enemies suffering from debuffs.


Machine Gun Special Better than nothing, but if you have better MGs, use those

Suffers from not only being an MG, but an inconsistent one due to her passive. Her stats are alright, but her passive skill is unreliable, not that it matters much since it only activates on reload. The active suffers from the problem of activating slowly enough that you'd expect MGs to have already killed most of what you'd want to stun anyway.

El Fail

El Fail
Handgun Special It's ok

Like an anti-Clear. Instead of buffing allies, she debuffs enemies. She strums five times, each time applying a three-second rate of fire and accuracy debuff to three enemies, meaning a set of five strums can debuff up to 15 enemies. The debuff prioritizes enemies with the highest HP that have not yet gotten a debuff. Once all enemies have been debuffed, she starts over again, debuffing the highest HP enemy that hasn't been debuffed on the current cycle of the enemy list until all strums are used, and they can be stacked on any given enemy up to twice. The debuffs are alright, but Clear is usually better. Still, she can help your tank survive if for some reason you require more tankiness over more dakka. Due to the short duration of the debuff, she tends to work better on bosses.

Also take note that like Clear, if she's supposed to be playing when she has to move, SHE DOESN'T PLAY FOR THAT MOMENT. So, for best results, make sure she can sit still and play. Fortunately moving doesn't cancel the performance entirely, and just suspends it. This does make Jaguars and enemy mortars annoying as fuck though.

Also Dmesse's waifu, buy her skin. (This is not a message paid by Dmesse to spread smug Waterkuma doll greatness)

ADS (Avtomat Dvukhsredny Spetsial'ny)

ADS (Avtomat Dvukhsredny Spetsial'ny)
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Specialist. Potentially Hilarious for Red Golyats.

Another weird Russian specialist gun, meant to fire both above and below the water, which is why the doll has weird underwater parts replacing her left leg.

Her skill is as annoying to explain as she is boring. Basically whenever she fires, she has a chance to apply debuffs (that reduce target RoF and move speed) on her target, which at 5 stacks, explodes in a grenade-like effect that deals damage and stuns the target. That's the passive. The active fires a debuff grenade that applies 3 debuff stacks (+2 for the primary target) and briefly increases her debuff proc chance to 100%.

Honestly it's really weird, but it has use for things like Golyats, which, coupled with things like shotgun knockback and some RoF buffs, can help deal with some of the more annoying enemies in the game (for certain patterns.)

Also has potential synergy with ACR kinda (though resetting debuff stacks when she triggers explosions makes it a little awkward)

Sig Sauer P226

Sig Sauer P226
Handgun ★★★ Basically a Worse Spitfire

The doll is basically Spitfire with slightly different buff tile layout/focus (less FP, more Acc). Frankly, she's really boring statwise and enemy RoF reduction is usually worse than FP reduction (which is good for armor/shield tanking) or acc reduction (Which is good for Eva tanking) and the Spitfire entry has the rest of my thoughts on that.

She thinks of herself as an elite doll, due to the P226's previous adoption by the US Navy SEALs (hence the Seal she has with her) and has a bit of a rivalry with M9, claiming she should absolutely be the more popular one. More info on the notes.

Norinco NZ75

Norinco NZ75
Handgun ★★★★★ Niche uses

Another fucking CZ-75 clone, this time from China. Unfortunately for her, her buffs and skill are all over the place, and most of the time you're better off with a more focused HG – Type-92 gives you a lot more dodge and not significantly lower DPS, Grizzly gives you a whole fucking lot more DPS, Welrod is a better debuffer, etc.

She has some uses but generally, you have a specific idea in mind where you need everything she offers at the same time, and will probably not need me to explain what your exact need is in such a case.

JSL Spitfire

JSL Spitfire
Handgun ★★★★ Niche uses

A Britbong copy of Cz-75! ...And kinda weird. She's sort of setup for the 2MG 2SG 1HG thing that doesn't come up much and is defensively oriented, but sometimes it comes up. Just... not on any content currently on EN. Does occasionally see actual use as a result, but she's not going to be your first pick for most jobs.

The problem is that RoF reduction is kinda meh, as while it does reduce enemy DPS, it merely slows down the rate of being shot, as opposed to making shots worse (good for SGs as their armour can more readily absorb it) or less accurate (which helps Eva tanks just not be damaged entirely), making it the weakest of the enemy attack stat debuffs.

Izhevsk MP-446 Viking

Izhevsk MP-446 Viking
Handgun ★★ Usable

Honestly would be fodder but she has a decent enough tileset if you're lacking in HGs with FP boost. Gets considerably better in her mod form, which improves her tiles immensely.

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