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JSL Spitfire

JSL Spitfire – ★★★★ Handgun

Niche uses
Tags: Class: Handgun Role: Offensive Buffer Skill: Debuff Rof Tile: Buff Acc Tile: Buff FP

A Britbong copy of Cz-75! ...And kinda weird. She's sort of setup for the 2MG 2SG 1HG thing that doesn't come up much and is defensively oriented, but sometimes it comes up. Just... not on any content currently on EN. Does occasionally see actual use as a result, but she's not going to be your first pick for most jobs.

The problem is that RoF reduction is kinda meh, as while it does reduce enemy DPS, it merely slows down the rate of being shot, as opposed to making shots worse (good for SGs as their armour can more readily absorb it) or less accurate (which helps Eva tanks just not be damaged entirely), making it the weakest of the enemy attack stat debuffs.

Additional Notes#

Dusk's Notes#

In theory, ROF debuffers are good at some things.

  • In some fights, having the ROF debuffer can prevent the enemy from firing more attacks before they die (as they are slowed). This is hard to quantify
  • In longer non-boss fights, it is a way to increase the effective HP of tanks. But it is on average worse than 60% EVA.
  • In some boss fights, you can reduce the rate of the boss killing off your tanks. If they can off 1 dummy per hit, the slow will reduce the rate of that. 

Essentially it's just not a very good tool for most situations. 

That being said, specifically for Spitfire, theoretically, with MGSG lineups, if the battle will last more than 6 seconds even with a FP buffer, using her for the ROF reduction (so that your SGs take less hits overall) might be a decent choice (if the enemy is already doing 1s). However, unlike a FP buffer, a ROF debuffer is less versatile. 

She might be useful, but you probably won't lose sleep not having her. Also NZ75 does her role better other than NZ75's tiles. 

And MP446 MOD3 would be better than Spitfire (except for general use MGSG) too, when she is a thing. 

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