Glasses optional

Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

Spikes Tactical AR-15 Mod

Spikes Tactical AR-15 Mod
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ If you don't use her, you are wrong

The pinkhaired tryhard who is absolutely every bit as good as she says she is. 1 of the best sustained DPS ARs in the game, and can actually hit the RoF cap on her own. She can actually outDPS OTs-14 and 9A91 at night against up to moderately armoured opponents (moderate. Dont try to send her vs Hydras)

As a bonus, her mod skill ups her DPS some more by making her pull out ANOTHER gun and throwing extra attacks that do a % of her main damage, with more damage if paired with M4Mod.

Her mod skill however, does look absolutely retarded unless you're in her mod 3 form. Normally she's supposed to pull out another gun, but since her school skin and base sprite dont have that animation, she instead fires from her scope.

Extra Notes Available

PKP Pecheneg Light Machine Gun

PKP Pecheneg Light Machine Gun
Machine Gun ★★★★★ Recommended

Along with MG5, the last word on general use MGs until digimind evolution. Chance to fire an extra shot with every shot, and that has extra damage and can crit (it's not an autocrit, but can crit, see notes). At lvl10, it's actually very steady. Absolutely mandatory for 100% of teams that want to make it to the absolute top ranks of datasim.

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