Glasses optional
Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Shotgun ★★★★★ Competes with SAT8 for the best shotgun to use your True Core Mask on

OBEY. Made from a less-lethal shotgun meant to give police forces more options to put down people without killing them. In G&K's case, however, she certainly helps with takedowns.

Incredibly good stats for a shotgun, good formation buffs, and her skill has the unique ability to cancel enemy buffs. These buffs include ENEMY SHIELDS (including Patroller shields) and stat buffs (including bullshit enemy evasion buffs). Her mechanics are unique, so she actually ignores normal knockback immunity. Oh, and her armor buff stacks are multiplicative. Unfortunately, the Minotaur's damage reduction is a weird thing that can't be removed, but regardless, you get so much utility from her. Even if you don't need her skill, her stats are just that good.

If you don't have her, get her from a True Core Mask or something. She's just too useful in things like later Theater events.

Mossberg M500 Mod

Mossberg M500 Mod
Shotgun ★★★★ For if you want shields very badly and SAT8 isn't enough

She has Python-like activation requirements to pop open free shields, which can be useful for some situations. YMMV overall.

Serbu Super-Shorty

Serbu Super-Shorty
Shotgun ★★★★ Usable

Despite having the lowest armor among the shotguns (tied with Captain China), her skill offsets this a bit. Also has the lowest HP among the 4 star shotguns though, but whatever, she can still take hits. Her main downside is the shitty aura, but she can at least do the job of eating hits.

Mossberg M590

Mossberg M590
Shotgun ★★★★ Good

The other shotgun besides KSG that has +Armor skills. Has higher HP and really good armor, but has an offtank aura meant for 2-shotgun formations which means you'll either need to move her every fight or have another shotgun. The aura effect is less flexible than a firepower buff, but potentially useful buff to a lot of MGs like M2HB or PK who could really use an acc boost. Regardless, If the primary consideration is just sheer defensive power, she makes an excellent pick.

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