Glasses optional

Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

NORINCO Type-79 Submachine Gun

NORINCO Type-79 Submachine Gun
Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Good

A pretty decent SMG with a stun grenade that lasts longer than UMP9's. Her tiles wants her to be the main tank, also her buffs are actually quite nice (+20% firepower) for ARs. Mainly suffers from stun grenades being less than useful against bosses and the fact UMP45 exists. In fairness, UMP45's existence makes a lot of SMGs less appealing in general, but her 4.5s stun has some potential uses (Golyats).

Taurus MT-9

Taurus MT-9
Submachine Gun ★★★ Trophy Raifu

She's a 3 star Beretta M38, basically. Has high HP for a 3 star SMG, mediocre buff tiles and a flashbang. Unlike Beretta M38, you dont get extra copies for free.

Probably more reliable than the actual gun though, which isnt saying much, because TAURUS PRODUCT.

United States Pistol, Semiautomatic, 9mm, M9

United States Pistol, Semiautomatic, 9mm, M9
Handgun ★★★ Niche uses

AKA Beretta 92FS. Stun Grenade Option in HG, low priority but still good to have an option of stun grenade. Not actually important to keep since lolsupercommon, but sometimes, you just need a handgun and a stun grenade and only have 1 free spot open.

Also sends you to jail.

Extra Notes Available

Beretta M38

Beretta M38
Submachine Gun ★★ Niche uses

Tied for 3rd/4th place in HP out of all SMGs in all rarities. Has a stun bomb. You may find these useful if you badly need tanks in a hurry for some reason.

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