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Calico M950A Mod

Calico M950A Mod
Handgun ★★★★★★ Manages to somehow be even better than the original

One important thing with her mod is that she has a backwards facing tile now. This means fun times for Python fans, Nagant users, or users of any doll who prefers to be in the middle of the back row and could benefit from an attack speed buff, which happens a lot of the time. She also debuffs the enemy if the node you're fighting on is controlled by you, and buffs your attack and move speed if it isn't, but those are kind of icing on the cake for an already useful doll.

Oh, and the move speed buff is hilarious when combined with other move speed buffs, turning Hanyang Mod into a a rocket. This makes some boss fights hilariously easy as you give no fucks about their mechanics, and 60s is long enough for most battles.

You can probably leave her at Mod2, but her Mod3 equip is a suppressor equivalent with +20 evade at max. It's up to you whether that's worth it or not.

AEK-999 Barsuk

AEK-999 Barsuk
Machine Gun ★★★★ Core fodder

If your name is deathalice, she is the best and most wonderful t-doll ever. Especially with her bike riding skin.

If you are similar to deathalice, she is the best and most wonderful t-doll ever. Especially with her bike riding skin.

If you are worried about performance, she is godawful and somehow took one of the better MG skills (Hunting Impulse) and produced a shittier version with an 8s startup (missing the point of having HI) that only works well at night.

Calico M950A

Calico M950A
Handgun ★★★★★ Recommended

Very good benefits for night battle albeit on a slightly odd shaped aura, but easily workable still. Paired with guns that need a lot of RoF boost like Lee-Enfield a lot. Also allows WA2k to max out her RoF immediately through just their 2 buffs + formation bufftiles. Though largely pointless for MGs, she enables 1 of the most stupidly powerful formations in the game, the IWS-DPS squad.


She now has a mod, which can be viewed here

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