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Operation Arctic 2-3

Intro and Discussion#

As with 2-2, nothing's changed from 2-1's post about my echelons.


The objective for this map, like 2-1 and 2-2, is to take the enemy command center.

So, if you remember 1-3, the map's solution is quite similar. The only difference is, you have to walk to that side of the map to get into the forest of random nodes. The walk there is just a straight shot down and then left of the resupply node. From there, you make your way through the random nodes into the command center. 

If you're doing this with one echelon, or just using a dummy, you may need to clear out a few of the random tiles prior to the command center before using the resupply point in the north. This is because you have a decent chance of getting five random encounters on the way to the command center, and then being unable to take out the one unit guarding it. If you're using two echelons, you can move both down that way and avoid the issue entirely. Very simple map.

Here's a video of me clearing this map.

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Author: Kazuki
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