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Operation Cube Ch 1-2

Intro and updates#

(As always, skip to the strategy section if you don't wanna see this.)

Chapter 2. I ended up just leveling my echelons up. Not much change from 1-1. They're still not all fully enhanced yet. It sucks. And so does logistics.


First Echelon:


Second Echelon:





1-2 is easier to do in a strategy sense. You're tasked with finding Hunter and defeating her in this map. Quite simple.

To make things even easier, Hunter is usually found on the far right of the map. All you really need to do is rush to that side of the map. 1-2 has way more armoured enemies however. So do be aware of the need for AP ammo.


The extra echelon is just there for action points and protecting the heliport. You can probably do it without a second echelon, but at least dropping a dummy would be ideal.


If you're struggling with the walking cannon's damage, you can kite them back as they're charging their shots. They'll have to stop charging and move back to you. By then, even if you're lacking much in the way of AP, you should be able to kill them without taking much damage. The melee enemies have insanely bad accuracy, so don't worry about them much.


Do also note that the Hunter in 1-2 is armoured, albeit lightly. You should still be doing good damage with your ARs to her. If your tanks have trouble taking her attacks, you can retreat one of them to stop her from doing her rapid fire attack. 

And here's the video of me doing it with the above echelons.

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Author: Kazuki
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