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Operation Cube Ch 1-4

Intro and updates#

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For ch 4, I actually ended up grinding hard enough to get my echelon in a good enough shape to deal with it back before I made the ch 3 post. The only real difference is one more level on skorpion to get her to four link and the addition of 16lab AP ammo. Thankfully I didn't need to level my second echelon at all to do their assigned job of "DEFEND HELIPAD". 

First Echelon:#

Second Echelon:#


Well, here it is. The map that made many a kr player cry cause of 5-7. Thankfully, we got her for free in en, so no broken dreams this event. Unless you want more than one of her.

For this map, you're tasked with hunting down Ouroboros within seven turns.

The strategy for this map is a little odd. The easiest way to actually find her, since the map is absolutely massive, is to use an external website:


The idea with this website is that you can plug in the nodes that get taken in the southern part of the map after your turn one ends. Clicking the nodes to turn them red will signify if they got taken in your run of the map. After all of the inputs, you'll get a purple node that represents a location that Ouroboros is (or can be in the case of multiple purple nodes). From there, just head to the location ASAP before she moves to an unknown location.

As for how your turns are supposed to go prior to finding out where Ouroboros is, it's pretty simple. Just heading south after summoning up your second echelon to protect the helipad and give you extra action points. You'll grab an extra helipad on the way down as well, to provide you with even more action points. After that helipad, movement is just determined by where Ouroboros spawned. 

And here's the video of me completing the map with the above echelons. 

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