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Singularity Hidden Achievements

Achievement listing#

While this was used once in VA-11 Hall-A, you'll first see these really come into play here in Singularity. These are all optional and they only really give 1k all resources, so don't feel pressured to get them. But get them or you're a bitch.

Chapter 1 Hidden: Don't fight anyone.

This is...the most annoying achievement on the planet. All you do is go down the random nodes on the right side of the map until you hit the enemy Command Center. This is EXTREMELY annoying due to the fact that each node has a 50% chance of spawning a red Golyat. If it does, you lose. Use a dummy and do the map until you eventually get it.

20:10: Before clearing the map, capture all the nodes.

Pretty self explanatory. Just don't finish the map until you've surrounded the last unit/node.

00:30: Let the hostages kill 12 enemies before winning.

All you need to do is let the """"hostages""" fight off 12 enemies. Each hostage has 5 battles in them, so you'll have to pick them up when they're all at 1 HP. You will have to defend your Command Center against some Typhons, but they're pretty weak, so it shouldn't be an issue. They don't even come in packs of three, so it's a joke compared to later Typhons. 

00:30: Deploy only 2 echelons and win. 

Yeah, you know that strategy I use for the map? Just do that but don't deploy a dummy to make things very marginally easier.

06:00: Kill the last enemy with exactly 0 ammo left.

Again, pretty self explanatory. There's 10 units on the map, so just deploy two echelons and have them fight 5 battles each. You can even retreat units if you so need.

13:20: Don't skip the credits

Yes. That easy. Go get a snack or something. If you skipped it the first time, go into settings and go to the game tab. You'll see Story playback at the top, set it to repeat. Then clear the map again. 

Author: Kazuki
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