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Name Starting Rarity Useful? Notes

SWAP Aegis

SWAP Aegis
★★ Better tank than the basic Aegis, worse DPS

Same skill 1, way better skill 2. The really big thing is the shields will absolutely stop the hit that breaks them, so they can take a Goliath to the face and be absolutely fine as long as their shields were up at the time. Also, you get damage reduction for having more units left. The main thing to note about them is they lose their offensive stats (considerably worse RoF, slightly worse Firepower) in exchange for this tankiness, so you'd better have the rest of your echelon be tanky.

SWAP Ripper

SWAP Ripper
★★ Do you want to tank that? Yeah, she will.

The most ridiculous SF tank in the game. She doesn't have Armor, but she has high Evasion, and her second skill works off your echelon setting. In defense mode, every time she loses a link OR her main skill activates, she gets a 9999 power distortion barrier that lasts for a few seconds, meaning that no matter what, she's going to buy you some time. In other modes, it becomes an attack buff that contributes a bit to DPS. And that's her passive. For her active, it triggers her passive and defense mode gives her a considerable 120% Evasion boost, on top of the barrier. In other modes she gets an attack boost that stacks multiplicatively with her passive.

If an SF team needs something ridiculous tanked and you absolutely need to buy time, she is currently the last word in.

SWAP Vespid

SWAP Vespid
★★ Uh... I guess it's better than a Vespid?

Almost across the board, it's an improvement for the Vespid. However, its a pain to get a full formation of them because its a 2 star base unit, and as a DPS unit you want it at full stacks. Also, it's not really significantly better than stuff like Jaegers and Strikers. They're not useless, but there are just much better SF units to spend effort and slot points on.

Goliath Factory

Goliath Factory
Weird Disposable Tank generator

You'd think something that shits out bombs would be an offensive weapon but nah, this thing just fires off and endless stream of Goliaths that move forward, and while their damage isn't bad, their main use is that some fights can be cheesed by throwing an infinite number of bodies at the enemy.

Oh, and don't try to use them to kill other Goliaths. It seems funny, but the enemy Goliath blows up the rest of your echelon when they meet.

Architect-NVW Type

Architect-NVW Type
★★★ High Damage, Needs someone to tank for her

Disappointingly, instead of running around in her shark costume, she instead brought a shark-themed rocket launcher to the battle for the beach, and apparently equipment to change every battle into a beachside locale. As part of her nonsense, her beach conversion also comes with a knockback wave that fires every few seconds and when stacked with staggered manticore knockback skills, can prevent some enemies from ever approaching your end of the screen as heavy gunfire picks them off.

Like her original, she has a grenade launcher, but this time she uses it on command instead of every few attacks. It does however have a weird quirk that while it has an AoE effect, it does NOT scale with enemy dummy links for some unfathomable reason, making it awkward to use for swarm combat. This is mitigated by how fucking HUGE her cut-in attack's AoE is, but it's something to keep in mind.

Her regular fire mode, a machine gun, gets stacking buffs as she attacks, which stacks up to 10 times.

She works fairly well and does great damage, but her survivability is lacking for a boss-class unit, which means you definitely want something tanky in front of her. Manticores will usually do.

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