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If you need AoE for some reason and need it on a budget

Let's get this out of the way quickly. It has godawful single-target DPS, and in most cases where you need cleave, Manticores can do the job. However, they're cheap to field, you can get them easily, and some of you might not have enough Manticores. The AoE attack is surprisingly much bigger than it seems (roughly the size of a grenade's AoE) and with boosts from a Ringleader that can buff it, it's not that bad. However, it's also not especially great otherwise.

It does, however, have really long range that it can contribute to a formation if nothing else. YMMV.


★★ Insanely good for what you pay

Probably the closest to a top-end all-rounder. It has armor. It has good stats. It withstands AoEs really well due to being a single unit, and it has two very nice skills.

Now the big thing that is unlike enemy Hydras, your Manticores only have 30 armor. However, they pack the same short range explosive blast hydras do (And they have 500+ base attack power so it'll hurt masses of light enemies when they do it), and uniquely, a pushback skill with a 10 second cooldown that reduces enemy movement speed and rate of fire.

Not always the best solution, but it's the true waifu of the game.


★★★ Anti-Area Specialist. Please don't expect her to do well vs. bosses.

SF's AoE specialist. Her skillset is simple: Shit explodes. Because explosions ignore armor, she does well vs clustered enemies, whether or not they're armored. What matters is if they're clustered together and don't move fast enough to get out of her attack range and smack her face before she can fire. Because of how explosions work, with each link tanking damage from a blast, she has immense firepower vs. anything with more than one link.

Pairs well with Manticores and Nemeums. You can argue Jaguars too, but YMMV.

Do note that she also has a use as a dragging unit if you use her via friend echelon due to her HOC mode.


★★★ Literally your only choice to break distortion barriers without a Heavy Helipad

If we had to capture her, who the fuck have we had in our holding cell all this time?

Anyway, she's an alright boss whose big thing is being a HOC that can defend itself. Unlike Destroyer, she can actually break distortion barriers, and she lets you do it without needing to capture a Heavy Helipad. Not the best choice compared to an ATW, but better than nothing and she's actually usable at the role.

She also has decent buffs for units that use explosives, but isn't really your first choice as a normal front-line combatant ringleader.

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