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Izhevsk MP-446 Viking

Izhevsk MP-446 Viking – ★★ Handgun

Tags: Class: Handgun Misc: Gets Better Eventually Role: Defensive Buffer Skill: Debuff Rof Tile: Buff FP

Honestly would be fodder but she has a decent enough tileset if you're lacking in HGs with FP boost. Gets considerably better in her mod form, which improves her tiles immensely.

Additional Notes

Dusk's Notes#

In theory, ROF debuffers are good at some things.

  • In some fights, having the ROF debuffer can prevent the enemy from firing more attacks before they die (as they are slowed). This is hard to quantify
  • In longer non-boss fights, it is a way to increase the effective HP of tanks. But it is on average worse than 60% EVA.
  • In some boss fights, you can reduce the rate of the boss killing off your tanks. If they can off 1 dummy per hit, the slow will reduce the rate of that. 

Essentially it's just not a very good tool for most situations. 

Would be more usable if she wasn't a 2* unit. Use a higher rank unit, unless if you are looking to the MOD. 

Things do turn around significantly when she gets her MOD, as she becomes the best in her skill class. You still need to decide if you want a ROF debuffer, though. 

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