Winchester Model 1887 Shotgun

Winchester Model 1887 Shotgun – ★★★★★ Shotgun

Tags: Class: Shotgun Role: Armor Tank Skill: Garbage Tile: Buff Acc Tile: Buff FP

Aka M1887. She's a shotgun, so she will do shotgun things shotgun-y (read: facetank with her armour), but is not particularly impressive at it. Her stats are okay (but worse than Elphelt's), her tile buffs are the weakest of all 5* shotties (and most 4*!)… and her skill is downright useless, because it has a ridiculously long 15 second cooldown, yet its strength depends on the amount of links still alive at that point (which won't be many).

As far as free SGs are concerned, a minor upgrade over 97S if you need armour over buff tiles.

Additional Notes

Dusk's Notes#

She has a ridiculously bad skill that is balanced by the fact that most other SG skills are not relevant as well, so yay I guess?

Has 22 armor like S.A.T8 and the high-end 4* SGs, and a decent amount of HP, so stat-wise she isn't THAT bad.

Still, she has mediocre stats, bad skills, and not-good tiles. If you can, choose someone else, but still a solid SG otherwise. 

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