Glasses optional
Sei Asagiri

Sei Asagiri – Special Handgun

DPS Buffs, Shield Projector, More Useful Later
Tags: Class: Handgun Misc: Va11-Hall-A Role: Specialist Skill: HP Shield Tile: Buff Eva Tile: Buff FP

Everyone's favourite White Knight! (Unless you like Tim better, you weirdo.) Same tiles as Grizzly (literally the same), but with a defensive skill instead of an offensive one. She only shields Shotgun, SMG and HG dolls so it isn't full coverage (unless you're an all HG team anyway), but the ability to shield something like KSG is nice. Her shield actually scales based on how damaged a unit she's shielding is, but the exact formula remains a mystery (less HP = more shield though).

Frankly, this isn't very handy on EN as of yet, but it does have its uses down the line when barrage attacks become more common on enemies (or you just want to shield something like KSG and M590).

Additional Notes#

Xecty Note!#

While the shield values don't seem great, remember that armour kicks in first if a unit is armoured and that you can double its power with a Moonblast if you're going defensive. However, the effect kicks in if the Moonblast is active when the shield kicks in so arranging times can be abit of a bother. Also Moonblast kind of sucks in how much it benefits you outside of just buffing Sei, but it has some uses, like Python-centric echelons.

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