Glasses optional

Heckler and Koch MP7

Heckler and Koch MP7 – ★★★★★ Submachine Gun

Very Good High-uptime Dodge Tank
Tags: Class: Submachine Gun Skill: Self Debuff Acc Skill: Self Debuff RoF Skill: Selfbuff Eva Skill: Unique Tile: Buff Acc Tile: Buff RoF

She calls you a zookeeper.

Basically packs a better version of Suomi's self-buff. Higher multpliers, lets her run faster on top, same good uptime, better base evade. HP is lower, but still really high at 198 per dummy (990 at 5 links at 100 - a pretty hefty amount still). Skill kills offensive stats but you dont care.

If you need a doll to dodge a lot for a long time, she's easily in the running for the job. (Competing with her nemesis, the P90.)

Additional Notes

Xecty Note#

Eventually gets added to the Heavy Construction pool. I swear, the HK pricetag jokes write themselves. 

Not recommended to do that since she also becomes permanently available as a drop in campaign Singularity too.

Also about the "Breeder" thing she calls you, it's wordplay. What she actually says in Japanese 飼育員 (as in "zookeeping staff"), and this is read as "Shikuin", as a play on "shikikan." The joke being you're the commander of a motley Zoo. Yes, it's wordplay that literally only makes sense in Japanese in a Chinese game, and is almost entirely lost in translation.

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