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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

Webley Revolver

Webley Revolver
Handgun ★★★★★ Good Utility HG

At some point, G&K started running out of real guns and broke out more of the early 20th century guns.

Surprisingly, the dolls with them are actually not godawful.

If she's the leader, she gives a general buff, but whatever, most HGs do that. What makes her interesting is that if she's NOT the squad lead, she buffs the hell out of them, thus making her useful in any formation where you want to pack as much as possible into one doll's ability. Lookin' at you, M4, IWS. (And a few others)


Machine Gun ★★★★★ Useful Support MG

Quite useful, but not great on her own. Her own DPS isn't especially impressive for an MG, but she can give a decent amount of extra ammo to other MGs, which can be worth it or not depending on who you pair her with, in addition to giving shotguns extra armor.


Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Looks good, doesn't quite live up to it. Not awful at least.

She introduces herself as Bushmaster ACR, except she fires in full auto, meaning she's actually a Remington ACR. This is kind of annoying. They should have just let her use her original name of Magpul Masada, seriously. It sounds cooler.

That aside, she has the potential to be stronger than AR-15! ...If you don't mind crippling the rest of your echelon's DPS to do so (Dusk has math figures in the expanded section).

She's honestly not bad, with 65% DPS up baseline and can get free damage stuff in if you have debuff effects already going, but she's not critical or anything. Basically suffers from "there's lots of super good ARs and she's not super good enough to displace the ones you already have."

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle
Handgun ★★★★★ The Most Powerful Anmiface

She's an Anmiface, which some people are conflicted over. Unlike the other Anmifaces, she didn't get disowned by her mom (unlike a certain Goat). Stat-wise, remember how much I gushed about Python? She's the more selfish version, with a skill that would have really been nice the stage AFTER you get her.

There's not much to say besides "there's a reason there were so many videos of her beating shit up in 5 HG groups." She makes things with shields cry. She does all sorts of shenanigans that ups her rate of fire and also makes anything with HP type shields cry (she can actually utterly CRUSH bosses like Ares with 5HG formations because of this) and can get an effective 531% DPS increase if her skill is going full tilt on 1 target (like a boss), putting her DPS well over most T-dolls.

Like all HGs, she does require you to have some idea of what you're doing, but the reward is basically a hand cannon that Agent Smith would be proud to use.

Borchardt C-93

Borchardt C-93
Handgun ★★★★★ Niche uses

Potentially really fun with 5HG formations. Actually quite good with Desert Eagle. Some people have used her with Parachute Fairy echelons because that also activates her debuff skill effect, but she's not exactly the go-to doll for a lot of formations. The fact she demands the 1 tile isn't helpful either.

ZVI Falcon

ZVI Falcon
Rifle ★★★ Basic data sim champ

kazuki wrote this because xecty is a lazy fuck, it'll probably get rewritten

One of the best login reward T-Dolls, yeah I know it's not saying much but you could use her and not hate life.

She has two passives and an active skill so what the fuck mica. Passive 1 gives her special bullets that her active skill uses as well as buffs her FP and ACC when you have them stored up.

Passive 2 turns her normal shots into something like MGs where she has a limited mag and needs to reload. However, her shots do 1.5x damage to offset this. No, it does not work with Jericho.

Her active skill is a skillshot that works similarly to M200 while her skill is up, meaning it's perfect accuracy and can crit, but she doesn't fire nearly enough to solve all the problems in the world. Which ultimately kills her use now that M200's available. RIP good login doll

Still great for basic data sim cause all you need is her to fire once!

Type-4 Self-Loading Rifle (4-Shiki)

Type-4 Self-Loading Rifle (4-Shiki)
Rifle ★★★★ Can shoot through enemies so kinda useful

Basically M1 Garand hit by a Japanizing beam courtesy of the IJN (which is why she has a sailor uniform). ...And then it changed her skill to something actually vaguely useful.

Every 3rd shot she fires is a line AoE that doesnt miss, but sadly cant crit. This is actually pretty cool at night vs evasive enemies, like Uhlan formations in a post CT-environment (Uhlan formations start having evade), though actually a bit of a DPS loss on nonevasive enemies.

Not exactly a normal use rifle, but the niche she has comes up fairly often so having 1 on hand is useful.

Heckler & Koch P30

Heckler & Koch P30
Handgun ★★★★ The perfect answer to a question noone asked

A doll that suffered from looking really cool in the previews up until people saw her face and went "wtf is this."

Her skill is unique, and answers a question nobody asked. While not completely useless, there's nowhere really where it's actually required. The RoF boost is.... kind of paltry and borderline useless, so all she has going for her is the movespeed boost.

If you really REALLY hate dealing with dreamer and otherwise suck at micro, this might come in handy. Other fights like typhons however, are more reliant on observation and dealing with the early onrush of mobs, since HGs like Python and Contender, or SMGs like CMS, are fast enough on their own.

Oh right, if you do plan to use her, do note that as usual, you cant do shit while moving. Be wary.


Rifle ★★★★★ Iffy in use, has some potential

Imoko's much less loved daughter, because at some point she apparently adopted a Kongou class Battlecruiser. Unlike G36 who gets more costumes than any 2 dolls combined, QBU has had all of... 1.

Performancewise, she joined the weird rifle pile by being another theoretically good on paper weapon that has issues in practical field use. Basically, every few times she fires at an enemy, she causes an explosion with a 1.5 unit radius, and when she pops her active, she hits for less than a normal small bamboo's worth of damage and then causes an explosion on top.

The bamboo skill adjustment was a boon for her, since EN will never have to deal with her dumb 8s original cooldown and can now fire it off at 4s, making her usable as an anti-medium-scale unit, kinda handy vs paradeus, but otherwise not exceptional.

Was actually handy in Shattered Connexion, but kind of questionable before then. YMMV.

ADS (Avtomat Dvukhsredny Spetsial'ny)

ADS (Avtomat Dvukhsredny Spetsial'ny)
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Specialist. Potentially Hilarious for Red Golyats.

Another weird Russian specialist gun, meant to fire both above and below the water, which is why the doll has weird underwater parts replacing her left leg.

Her skill is as annoying to explain as she is boring. Basically whenever she fires, she has a chance to apply debuffs (that reduce target RoF and move speed) on her target, which at 5 stacks, explodes in a grenade-like effect that deals damage and stuns the target. That's the passive. The active fires a debuff grenade that applies 3 debuff stacks (+2 for the primary target) and briefly increases her debuff proc chance to 100%.

Honestly it's really weird, but it has use for things like Golyats, which, coupled with things like shotgun knockback and some RoF buffs, can help deal with some of the more annoying enemies in the game (for certain patterns.)

Also has potential synergy with ACR kinda (though resetting debuff stacks when she triggers explosions makes it a little awkward)

NTW-20 Mod

NTW-20 Mod
Rifle ★★★★★★ Very Weird Removal Specialist

The very first 6 star on EN! And she's... buggy as fuck actually and with more weird shit going on than the UNS secret weapons programs. For example the way she misses her first firing cycle is a patchwork for a different bug and basically it's awkward to use her for a lot of meme things.

Boasting really high FP and multipliers though (especially with her unique equipment and ability to hit 200 affection if oathed), she got converted from a straight boss killer to a very weird assassin that removes certain enemies from the field. Her second skill makes her preferentially target units she can destroy, which makes her actually pretty handy for quick removal. Moreover, if she DOES actually kill it, she gets buffs for the next shot which... unfortunately can miss, which makes her less useful at night for this.

She's not particularly useful right now, but if you have specific needs for that sort of thing, she can work. She is however, a very expensive investment, so make sure it's what you actually want.

Remington M870

Remington M870
Shotgun ★★★★★ Niche Skill but has 5 star SG stats

Basically every weird Hell's Angels meme in 1 go, and also probably a little crazy. Sometimes called Super Longty.

Her skill is pretty much a Force Shield that works similarly to the Paradeus ones, except instead of an HOC depleting it, it slowly weakens on its own. Pretty much works the same way where at max level, you have a 1000 strength barrier that blocks out everything for a second, then it goes down by 100 every second, weakening the shield (so after 1s, it's 90% DR, after 2s it's 80%, and so on) until the shield shuts down at the 6s mark.

This is actually not bad DR at all and with timing, CAN be used to tank Golyats.

Except it has a 10s initial cooldown so AGGHHHHHHH.

It does have it's uses sometimes, but it's not your first pick because of that usually.

She does however, have typical good 5 star shotgun stats so if for some reason you lack shotguns, you can just bring her along and she wont really be bad at that.

Barrett M82A1

Barrett M82A1
Rifle ★★★★★ Has some niche potential but not necessary

Yes, a gun people have wanted forever. The Light Fifty. Also known to some as Inorigun for the obvious reasons. (If it isnt, then the joke wouldnt be funny to you anyway)

A really weird... not-quite-a-bamboo who gets stronger the more battles the echelon has been in. Has 3 shots per battle, and the final shot is pretty strong, but it's VERY awkward to use. Can be used to kill stuff early (she was actually better at it than Kar98 then) such as say, Gundam removal, but these days with the existence of early charge bamboo rifles + M200, she isn't quite as top notch at it as she once was. She still works though.

Potentially better for nodupers than people who spam the superpopular rifles.

Colt Python

Colt Python
Handgun ★★★★★ Ridiculous Force Multiplication Potential

Forget what Clint Eastwood said, THIS is the most powerful handgun in the world. Somehow packing a .357 Magnum cartridge that deals more damage than .50BMG or whatever the hell Contender is in. Python is a ridiculous handgun that with the right formations, does absolutely disgusting things to the game. She needs her skill at lvl10 to be reliable, but oh boy when it does.

Besides being a handgun with actual DPS (that can get really high), she also acts a buff booster, applying stacking buffs of her own whenever she receives a buff from almost any source, giving them to herself and anyone in her buff tiles. When she gets a RoF buff, she gives a RoF buff. When she gets an Acc buff, she gives an Acc buff. When she gives an FP buff, she too gives FP buffs. And that's just the passive. Her active gives her a stacking self FP buff and counts among "almost any other source", so yeah, triggering it ALSO gives FP buffs to everyone else.

This, on top of amazing buff tiles basically gives her ridiculous performance for a handgun. Just don't think she's some allmighty goddess of doom that wins on her own. What she is is an insane force multiplier when used right, and you need some force to multiply to begin with. Used wisely though, easily 1 of the best HGs in the game.

UMP45 Mod

UMP45 Mod
Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Mod1 is an insane bang for your buck The others YMMV.

So if it hasn't been said enough, absolutely get the Mod1 the very second you can. It's 200 fragments and some cores for a fair boost in performance. Extra stats, a bit more FP buff on her tiles, a little extra HP, and an improvement to the slowdown effect on the smoke.

The real problem is her 2nd skill is janky and not extremely practical. It's a little bit of a bonus, but not likely to make or break a fight. So yeah, the Mod2 isn't great. The mod 3 however, gives her a unique equipment that goes in the suppressor slot and is basically a suppressor with better stats (+5 EVA over normal) which helps her tanking ability somewhat. Whether this is worth it up to you, but definitely get the Mod1 at least.

The rest of this is basically the same song and dance where she has top class offensive buffs that continue to remain unmatched among SMGs, so you WILL likely continue to use her.

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