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FN Herstal Five-seveN

FN Herstal Five-seveN – ★★★★★ Handgun

Tags: Class: Handgun Role: Offensive Buffer Skill: Buff Crit Skill: Buff Rof Team: Fn Tile: Buff Crit% Tile: Buff RoF

Decent Aura shape with very good benefits. 30% RoF/20% Crit is nothing to sneeze at, and even more from her skill. Used heavily in teams that benefit from RoF/Crit boosts (mostly general use Rifles). Be thankful EN got her with little effort. Also has a 97 dodge, if you need something to temporarily take the front. Also, the source of a lot of Korean memes because she was a total pain to get. Also wears a ferret costume sometimes.

Also somehow still relevant in ((current year))

Additional Notes#

Dusk's Note#

An extremely good unit. Unfortunately she is event only.

While she seems like a Stechkin with a different flavor, she has multiple advantages even in the current EN meta. She's a strong ROF buffer equal to Stechkin and M950A, and her crit buff means that your RFs are CONSISTENT. Not having 100% Crit can sometimes increase the number of attacks you need to kill an enemy, and how much impact it will have is hard to quantify. 100% is really easy to quantify, though, and Five seven gives you that. 

Five seven is also good at low ROF AR echelons, albeit with some caveats. Any AR that has 75 ROF will reach 116 with Five seven, although any higher than that is wasted ROF. In addition, she can bring the ARs to 98% crit rate alone. The caveats would be that SMGs like UMP45 will waste their Crit% tiles, and SMGs like MP7 will waste their ROF tiles. That being said, if you adjust for that, she is the most impactful HG you can use on an ARSMG echelon. 

Her usefulness increases significantly down the road with Px4 Storm's release. Px4 Storm gives 50% crit damage (because everything multiplies each other, 50% crit damage is equal to 50% FP if you have 100% crit rate) in exchange of 20% crit rate. While M950A and Stechkin will have issues utilizing the full bonus of Px4, usually forcing to change your fairy talent or just accept doing less damage (because not using Px4 is always worse than using her), Five seven will give the RFs 100% crit rate while not losing out on any significant amount of ROF, while still leaving you 1 HG slot for anything you need. 

Nothing more to say. Farm a few of her when you can. 


That being said, sometimes you need a ROF buffer at position 5 because position 4 is used for something else. In other words, Five seven cannot actually replace M950A in every situation. 


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