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Triple Action Thunder

Triple Action Thunder – ★★★★ Handgun

Tragic, just like her life up to now
Tags: Class: Handgun Skill: Small Bamboo Skill: Unique Team: ATK Tile: Buff FP

More famous for suicide memes and her ship with Calico than actually being used. I really want to like her, but she has a few glaring flaws that drag her down more than all her emotional baggage already does.

Her skill, while packing way more multiplier than any other skillshot (12x!) AND also boasting an impressive 46 Firepower on a handgun, suffers from being able to miss (uses standard acc formula). Now, 57 hit is enough for most applications most of the time and she can equip PEQs at night to deal with that, and she reloads extra fast if she misses, but it's simply not as good as many other skillshots that have ZERO chance to miss to begin with. It does at least, come online very fast at 4 seconds.

Next, while the tilebuff itself is impressive, the shape is... not suited for most applications, pretty much forcing her to be in the 5 position to get much real use out of it unless you're buffing something at 4. Having her in that position wouldn't be so bad if she didn't ALSO have the worst Eva stat of any HG, so know what you're getting into.

She isn't the worst HG in the game, but there's so many better choices for most roles that you would put her in that most simply don't have a real reason to resort to using her.

Additional Notes#

Xecty Note#

If you REALLY want to use her, she can be used as the killer in Anti-Typhon teams, but she's not great at it compared to other choices like Contender or CMS. Better than nothing though. And she relies heavily on her skill multiplier to do any damage at all, so you can't really half ass that either unless you have free time to watch her slowly kill stuff.

Also, she has uh... issues. Besides all her baggage, she likes to express herself by shooting her gun. Into the nearest ceiling. Yeah. Issues.

Oh and she owns a really old Ipod that the commander gave her. I'm not sure if that's being super cheap, getting an old type ipod in 2062, or super expensive since it may be a vintage trinket like a Victorian era watch or something.

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