Glasses optional

Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

Gsh-18 Mod

Gsh-18 Mod
Handgun ★★★★ Okay-ish, but expensive for what you get

Her Mod 3 unique equip is alright. It lets her punch through lighter armors, and otherwise is excellent at finishing off weakened enemies, rather than wasting full-power shots on them. This is usually a thing with rifles that don't quite instantly giblet their foes. Her tile buffs are pretty okay.

She's alright but not a priority.

Howa Type89

Howa Type89
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Tries very hard to cater to the Japanese market. Actually isn't bad.

Ok, so she isn't actually bad. She does, however, have a stupidly long skill like a JK cramming for an entrance exam, most of which is largely irrelevant because all you care about is her damage output.

Which I guess is kind of alright.

Her skill has a good initial cooldown, and she's actually better than most ARs, but she won't usurp the position of the top ARs. A good pick for your B-team.


Assault Rifle ★★★ Login AR. Guess.

She's a generic login AR. No one cares.


Assault Rifle ★★★★★ G41, but looks less like a slut

See G41's entry. Nothing new is brought to the table. Also I emphasize "looks" because her skin is kinda also slutty.

Valmet M82

Valmet M82
Assault Rifle ★★★★ Tavor Mk2, Pinkhair boogaloo

Suffers from there being a more famous, better M82, also with pink hair.

This one is basically interchangeable with Tavor, who by now isn't nearly as useful because you should be drowning in high-end ARs. If you are not drowning in high-end ARs for some unfathomable reason, well, she isn't the worst thing ever.

Also has a combo skill with AK Alfa if you do the side story stuff, but AK Alfa isn't exactly wowing the charts either.


Rifle ★★★★★ Good RoF rifle. Demands more representation for other dolls.

Why does she have Shark teeth? Dammit Imoookoooo

Despite the teeth, she's somehow the nice HK girl. And somehow, she's the smart one. Look, HK is weird ok?

Anyway, she packs as much as 84% damage increase with her skill going at full power, but you're more likely to get a 76% boost in a typical RF/HG formation. Still, she's not bad. In practice she's slightly worse than R93 in most cases, but not usually enough to matter.

Note her buff tiles are funny and affect everything, so this makes her secondary ability a little easier to use. That said, she does NOT give HGs the usual cooldown boost most other RFs do.


Machine Gun ★★★★★ An MG without the main downside (But has a bunch of new ones)

The mightiest Alpaca to ever wield a machine gun. Don't ask. I don't want to have to explain KR server memes.

Ok, she seems amazing. An MG that never runs out of ammo because they act like an AR while reloading. This is flat out amazing if you need an MG shooting at stuff long-term. She doesn't have great burst compared to the other MGs, but she does extremely well for very long term sustain, which...has annoyingly been coming up more and more lately.

Given the skill, one might be tempted to treat her like a normal AR with hilarious early burst damage, but you'd be dumb to do so, because she doesn't get buffs from SMGs and other sources that buff ARs. Also her crit rate is the usual garbage 5% MGs usually get instead of the much better AR rates, and she can't equip PEQs.

That said, she can be a fun mix if you, say, happen to need AR formations to punch through armour (because she can use the absolutely bonkers MG unique ammo types)


Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Do you feel lucky? (RNG-based DPS)

Meet Milo, Miley's (AK-12) tomboy sister, who has literally no chill (you'll see why as soon as you meet her in story).

She is literally the most RNG-based DEFY member, with a chance to deal extra damage. If you'e lucky, she does good damage from the get-go. If you're super lucky, she keeps activating it while her active is going and you annihilate everything.

Because of how her active works, she's not as good at dealing with trash mobs, which can literally cut down her DPS. Be careful when using her, basically. She's REALLY RNG-dependent though.

Also, Abs. Did I mention abs? Yeah. Abs.


Machine Gun ★★★ Our writers didn't care, so neither should you

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Submachine Gun ★★★ Forgotten Weapons Star

Is your name Ian McCollum? If not, you probably don't care.

She's Honeybadger, but 3 star, and the tiles are kinda upside down.

She's surprisingly alright for a 3 star, but she's not going to wow you.

Insert bad joke about 7mm French Long here.


Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Acceptable if you still need more ARs for bog knows why

She has a very weird and complicated set of skill interactions for a role that really just wants good, consistent dakka. Has a funny combo skill with M82 (the bullpup AR, not the RF). In terms of performance she's actually not awful, but she doesn't stand out, and there are enough good ARs to use other than her.


Rifle ★★★★★ As good as a specialist as she was awful pre-mod (So, actually pretty good!)

Thanks Mica, for actually buffing someone with cool art for once.

In her pre-mod state, she's dire, not really worth using, and honestly a waste of really REALLY nice art (including porn by her original artist). With her mod, she has ridiculously high stats and a powerful skill at Mod 2. The big issue is she needs setup, and can't really be used on her own, but that's pretty much every funny specialist rifle anyway, so it's not really a downside.

What makes her stupidly good is that you get more damage if you have more debuffs from other sources, so go nuts.

She'll come in handy for Dual Randomness.

Her previous form is found here.

General Dynamics LWMMG Mod

General Dynamics LWMMG Mod
Machine Gun ★★★★ She's a better LWMMG, but now with more utility.

She actually gets some fairly hefty stat increases in her mod, with Mod 2 hitting as much FP as M2HB. The issues that 2 stars normally face (low skill values compared to higher ones, etc.) are pretty solved thanks to being upgraded to a 4 star, and it also gives her extra base ammo which helps out a lot. Overall a cheap mod to get, and honestly you get a fair bit of value off even just Mod 1.

She's pretty much an all-rounder MG, and with the Mod 2 skill, technically you're not limited to just SGs, but uh... the shield values are so low otherwise that it only really helps armored things, though I guess some people might find a use for that anyway. MATH BIT: Her Special Equip actually isn't awful, but tbh you're better off with an EOTech in most cases.

Her original form can be found here.

Izhmash SV-98 Mod

Izhmash SV-98 Mod
Rifle ★★★★ Outdated Except for CE Padding

She could have been useful if we got her a lot earlier. Her skill is reliant on her standing still, so if you move her past the first two seconds, her second skill will effectively give the first one a three second cooldown if you manual it, unless it's enough to kill on its own without the buff. Her Mod 3 equip is just a cape with some extra damage on it, but she shouldn't be moving a lot anyway given her skill, so it's worth it if you do choose to mod her for whatever reason.

Also, she is the true cinnamon roll and if you don't mod her Yuzhong will fly in your kitchen and mess up your pots and pans.

Her original version can be found here.

M1895 CB (Potato Digger)

M1895 CB (Potato Digger)
Machine Gun ★★★★ Tryhard's best friend

With gear, she effectively has a 45 round mag, although shots after her "normal" ammo capacity decrease her acc while upping her FP. This may be good or bad depending on what you're shooting, but she's perfect for low or 0 def enemies that you normally throw MGs at. If you can't figure a use for this, you're retarded.

A quirk though is if she moves after beginning to go into her reserve ammo, her gun will be considered "empty" and she will need to reload.

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