Glasses optional
Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

IWI Jericho 941

IWI Jericho 941
Handgun ★★★★ Usable in general, better at niche uses

Another CZ-75 clone, this time an Israeli one! The doll that Negev got her funny ideas from. Also Spike Spiegel's gun. If you don't know who Spike Spiegel is, you really should. Look it up, watch the show, I'll wait.

Her passive boosts dolls when they reload which... basically gives other MGs and SGs Negev-like buffs, except weaker. Unfortunately this is not helpful at all for general use because you don't want to be reloading in the first place. She also sucks for judge because judge also hits the back row and so she also eats damage. Does much better for other multimag fights but YMMV with that.

The active is ok but the %s are lower than other 4 star dolls are more 3 star territory, and require being in her tiles, which makes your formation kind of cramped, unlike what you can do with K5. It also doesn't help MGs much because... well, the startup CD.

IMI Galil

IMI Galil
Assault Rifle ★★ Enhancement fodder

Actually has more DPS than G3. Still not great.

Micro Uzi

Micro Uzi
Submachine Gun ★★★ Core fodder

An alright firebomber if you don't have Vector, but you won't get a shitton of free copies of her like you do with Skorpion. Slightly but not significantly better than Skorpion at actual firebombing, but has a much much shittier aura. Bullied by a lot of artists for being retarded.

Her mod makes her a lot better, rivaling if not surpassing Vector. Look at that article for more info.


Machine Gun ★★★★★ Niche uses

The cursed MG that eats your ammo and calls you a Nazi for having pathetic logistics.

Fixes to the game have not been kind. She used to be pretty good back in the days of Reload Cancel, tearing apart armored bosses and enjoying high bonuses on reload. Those things are gone and there are now MGs that do her job better. Maybe she'll get a mod one day that'll actually help.

Tavor TAR-21

Tavor TAR-21
Assault Rifle ★★★★ Good

A so called 4.5 star. 4 star rarity, 5 star performance. Think FNC but better. Not as good as the AR team (...well ok she's better than SOPMOD for DPS, and M16 isnt a real DPS so she'll outperform her too), but cheap and effective. Can actually outperform G41 in short battles.

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