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IMI Galil

IMI Galil – ★★ Assault Rifle

Enhancement fodder
Tags: Class: Assault Rifle Role: DPS Skill: Selfbuff Acc Team: Negev Tile: Buff Acc Tile: Buff Eva

Actually has more DPS than G3. Still not great.

Additional Notes#

Dusk's Notes#

Can reach over 100k equivalent ACC at night, using a maxed PEQ and Illumination Fairy, as well as T59, SPP-1, C96, and P38:

  • Galil has a base ACC of 47 unoathed.
  • She will get 260% ACC from tile buffs.
  • C96 will give 100% ACC, P38 gives 90% ACC, Illumination fairy gives 90% ACC, and her own skill gives 500% ACC. 

This brings her to 9603 ACC. 

T59 gives 300% equivalent ACC, as ACC mult = 1/EVA mult. 1/0.25 = 4, which brings Galil to 38412 ACC

SPP-1 gives 122% equivalent ACC, which brings Galil to 85274.64 ACC. 

Then finally with the ACC 2 talent giving 25% ACC, Galil has 106593.3 ACC. 

Even without Theoretical ACC, Galil can reach 12004 with the same lineup. 

Still isn't useful because the hit rate formula is Attacker ACC/(Attacker ACC + Target EVA). Against a standard enemy with 15 EVA (most enemies have that), 106k acc has 1% more average damage than 1500 ACC, and 10% more average damage than 150 ACC, and 25% more average damage than 60 ACC. You can get much extra DPS from a single FP buffer.

Better than Type43.

Unless if she gets a MOD that allows her to increase her FP by part of her ACC, don't bother with her. 

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