Stats given are for 5 star fairies at level 100. For stats at lower rarities/levels and general information, check the overview.

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Landmine Fairy #

Landmine Fairy

Alright stats. Very high evade boost. Unfortunately, the skills is really hit or miss. You can't plant them on an occupied spot, so you need to predict where they're going, it doesn't last forever so you need to get them there (this is at least, easier vs enemies with an active aggro mechanic), and then you reduce their current health by... something, depending on level. Yes, current, it doesnt work off their max, so using it on a half-dead enemy isnt helpful.

At least it's a good chunk of it at lvl10, but it doesn't work on bosses.

It has some niche uses vs certain map obstacle type enemies (like 45x manticore swarms) but frankly you're not supposed to fight most of those anyway and the people who have any real business fighting those generally don't need gimmicks like this. Not a priority.

Firepower 25% Accuracy 44%
Evasion 85% Armour 0%
Crit damage0% Fairy Type Strategy
Build Timer 5:30

Mines Frontline

Plant a landmine in a nearby unoccupied space. The mine detonates when an enemy steps on it. Lasts 2 turns otherwise.

skill_icon CP Consumption5Cooldown3

Damage reduces current enemy health by 20% at lvl1, 50% at lvl10.

Parachute Fairy #

Parachute Fairy

Probably the single most useful and gamechanging fairy in the.... game. Top notch stats when leveled and raised, and a skill that lets you just drop to any Helipad, within range, as long as the space isn't occupied. Even unleveled, as long as you have the skill, it's totally useful and awesome.

The problem is you don't tend to use both these things at the same time. The skill is amazing but gives you temporary stat debuffs (-90% at lvl1!) that render you pretty much unable to fight stronger enemies until they recover, and making use of the good stats generally means you don't use the skill at that moment. Still, it completely changes how you look at maps when you know you can just drop an echelon off into the distance.

The most common way to use them is to just drop off a unit to a Helipad you'd like to secure (this uses only support commands, not AP!) and have them take and hold it, then bring in heavier forces normally (just like real paratroopers!).

Due to the sheer expense of raising them (ALSO like real paratroopers), it's usually not practical to raise these to 5 stars early on, and so some just feed them junk fairies they don't intend to use (like Sniper or Rocket fairies)

Firepower 36% Accuracy 0%
Evasion 32% Armour 8%
Crit damage40% Fairy Type Strategy
Build Timer 4:05

Heliport Liberation

Moves Echelon to a nearby unoccupied Helipad. Unit suffers from stat debuff for 2 turns.

skill_icon CP Consumption5Cooldown5

Stat Reduction is 90% at lvl1, 40% at lvl10.

Range is 3 spaces at lvl1, and Whole Map at lvl10

Reinforcement Fairy #

Reinforcement Fairy

Super niche. Her main use is she can recover dolls without emergency repair and has the highest evade boost of any fairy. This lets you be cheap for example with M16 runs on 0-2. It affects the lowest HP % doll, which btw, Includes dead dolls, so yes, ARISE FROM YOUR GRAVE. That said, if they die again, the affection penalty sticks again (unless they die to bosses). Also for ranking maps, normally a quick repair causes a loss of 200 points. This doesn't. Still not that great still, due to the overall defensive stats this gives, but eh, niche uses as I said.

Despite what the skill description says, it appeals to in fact, increase Firepower instead of Evade for 20 seconds. ...Will revise this if they fixed the bug, but its a really big ??? and people mostly don't use this fairy.

Firepower 12% Accuracy 0%
Evasion 88% Armour 12%
Crit damage15% Fairy Type Strategy
Build Timer 4:00

T-Doll Reinforcement

Recover 1 Dummy Link (and associated HP) from the lowest health doll. Increase doll evasion for 20 seconds. (This part seems to be a lie, see below)

skill_icon CP Consumption2Cooldown1

1 Dummy is always recovered.

Despite what the skill description says, it seems to increase FIREPOWER instead of evade...

Rocket Fairy #

Rocket Fairy

It's a lot less useful than it seems. Behold the power of the Vergeltungswaffen! Rockets! ...Just like the actually V-weapons, they're fuckin' awful. The stats don't mix with anything (I'm not sure what they were going for. Maybe buffing MGs? Except it really doesn't work) and the skill cost is fucking astronomical for a single use. Furthermore, it doesn't immediately engage enemies and it doesn't reduce enemy power all that much unless you invest heavily on it, in which case it... still doesn't do much.

By the way, when engaging a target that isnt at full health, it reduces it against their CURRENT starting hp, not their total max. You may see how this is fucking awful for how much you paid. Did I mention it doesn't work on bosses? Well it doesn't work on bosses.

Common nicknames include "Depressed Fairies," "Sad Fairies," "Obsolete Junk" and "Fodder"

Firepower 0% Accuracy 44%
Evasion 0% Armour 22%
Crit damage35% Fairy Type Strategy
Build Timer 5:35

Battlefield Reaper

Plant a turret that attacks enemies within 2 spaces. Lasts 2 turns, has 3 shots.

skill_icon CP Consumption10Cooldown3

Reduces an enemy's current health by 10% at lvl1, 20% at lvl10

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