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Stats given are for 5 star fairies at level 100. For stats at lower rarities/levels and general information, check the overview.

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Twin Fairies #

Twin Fairies

Kind of usable for stupid reasons. They summon a pair of fairies that are KINDA like the taunt fairy, but have half the health each. This seems fine since you get 2, but when 1 of the fairies dies, so does the other. So, basically a worse version of Chloe, which EN cant get anyway so whatever.

They can shoot at enemies, but the DPS is kinda poor overall. Statwise, theyre not amazing but not quite the worst.

The 2 big things they have going for them is that first, the 2 fairies stand between the normal grids, meaning that some attacks actually can't hit them. For some fights, this kind of basically means you autowin at certain points (because some enemies with fixed firing patterns that DONT hit their hitboxes between tiles literally cant touch them) although with their DPS it will also take an agonizingly long time. If you're super lazy though.

The other thing is that as 1 of the fairies has armour, they can actually last longer vs some enemies than a Taunt, and ALSO give you free DPS. So yeah, really more a sidegrade that's not quite as consistent.

Firepower 18% Accuracy 60%
Evasion 48% Armour 12%
Crit damage12% Fairy Type Combat
Build Timer 4:40

Double Protection

Summons a pair of fairies. The fairies can be shot like a taunt fairy. The shield user has 20 Armour and a small AoE attack that hits the closest enemies. The Missile user has 30 Evade and hits the furthest enemy. If 1 fairy dies, so does the other.

skill_icon CP Consumption3Cooldown0

The AoE attack deals 42 damage (150 at lvl10) every 2 seconds. The Missile does 126 (450 at lvl10) every 2 seconds. The Fairies have 300 (750 at lvl10) HP each (theyre not combined) but the other will die (automatically eats a 99999 damage hit to self) if 1 goes down.

Warrior Fairy #

Warrior Fairy

Potentially quite powerful but reliant on it's skill for a large part of it's FP boost. It does, however, have decent Evade up and an immense (80%!) acc boost, allowing MGs and SMGs to hit AR-like Acc, and ARs to have RF-like Acc. A fairly decent fairy overall, but less popular than the command and bombardment fairies. You don't NEED her skill, but it actually helps her a lot. Also, she is a John Rambo reference.

Firepower 25% Accuracy 80%
Evasion 40% Armour 10%
Crit damage0% Fairy Type Combat
Build Timer 4:30

Combat Efficiency

Boosts echelon damage and RoF by % for 20 seconds from start of Battle

skill_icon CP Consumption1Cooldown

Damage is increased by 5% at lvl1 and 20% at lvl 10

RoF is increased by 5% at lvl1 and 10% at lvl10

Zodiac Fairy #

Zodiac Fairy

Not particularly the best, but its skill can have a LITTLE utility for certain fights. It's an early stun grenade combined with a molotov, which can help with stuff like busting red Golyats. Other than that, there's far better picks for fairies you could be using.

Firepower 25% Accuracy 0%
Evasion 20% Armour 20%
Crit damage25% Fairy Type Combat
Build Timer N/A


Throws a firecracker at a target to stun it for two seconds as well as leaves a molotov effect on the ground for five seconds.

skill_icon CP Consumption3Cooldown-

Stun time, damage, and duration of burn increases per level. Starts at one second stun with 10 damage per second(for three seconds) at Lv 1. At Lv 10 it stuns for two seconds and deals 50 damage per second(for five seconds).

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