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Operation Cube 2-3


Did you enjoy 3-1 and 3-2 of Arctic Warfare? No? Sucks. We're doing it again. Hide and go seek featuring Architect and enough Jupiter Cannons to make me want to die. Did I mention the map is fucking massive? Cause it is.

For this map, you'll actually only need one battle capable echelon if you're fast. Otherwise...You may want an MG echelon to guard your heliports that you start with. As with the other maps, ideally you'll field an AR/SMG echelon to kill the boss along with that MG echelon (if you need the safety, otherwise you can just use some dummies for extra AP).


Map objective: Defeat the boss. The boss is Architect.
Turn Limit: 8
Echelon Limit: 5
Map Composition: Mixed armoured and unarmoured enemies.


So, your goal for this map is to play "weave around the Jupiter Cannon" until you get to Architect. Thankfully for us, she sticks to one side of the map. Not so great is that its literally the last column of nodes on the right side of the map. And you start on the left side. Joy.

Now, the first thing you'll notice is the giant wall of Jupiter Cannons in front of where you spawn. You'll have to look for the weaker Jupiter Cannon setup in that mess, and go through that. Sometimes it's just an empty node that'll let you pass through. From here, it's RNG on what path you'll have to take. I recommend checking the top path through the middle first, as you'll be able to resupply from the heliport up there. If you're blocked off by full strength Jupiter Cannons, back off and check a different route through the middle. From there, it's just making sure you're supplied enough to get to Architect with enough ammo to spare. Thankfully, there isn't a ton of enemies around the map, since it's mostly all Jupiter Cannons.

Just as a note, the weaker Jupiters are sufficiently weak to get through them with minimal effort just by having a unit in front column. These Jupiters don't do too much damage, so you don't even need to retreat whatever you're using to bait the shot. 

Architect is exactly the same as Arctic, so if you need to review her mechanics please use this page.

Do note that the Manticores she comes with have insanely low accuracy, so they shouldn't pose too much trouble to you. 

Video of me clearing this map. 

Note: I skipped Architect's last nuke, she still does it, so keep that in mind. 


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Author: Kazuki
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