Getting Started

To get started with the game:

  • Make friends. No, seriously. Reddit has friendcode threads, as do the various discords, otherwise ask around.
  • Once you have them, abuse friend squads to cheese through chapters 1 to 3 and collect the first three AR-team girls (M4A1, SOPMOD, AR-15). Have the friend echelons murder the boss, keep your own echelon(s) at your base to defend it.
  • In parallel, work on crafting good SMGs to start with. (The UMP sisters especially. Thompson can do as well, but the UMPs are more common. UMP45 is ideal, 9 will do though.)
  • You now have a squad that looks roughly like this:
  • This will carry you all the way to lategame. AR-15 e.g. is the second best AR available on EN right now, and you get her for free! All these units will remain relevant throughout the game, and jumping on random 5* dolls before you have these leveled will only slow you down.
  • Focus on one, at most two echelons at first to snowball faster, unlock all logistics, then worry about training additional echelons.
  • In the beginning, you're looking for 2 ARSMG echelons and one RFHG echelon, after that it's up to you.
  • Spend your free gems to get to at least 6 echelons (first costs 440, 880 for the rest). 7 will be useful later, but at least 6. This allows you to fight and conduct full logistics at all times. 8 is handy. More echelons than that is for when you know what youre doing, but you WILL want all 10 eventually (and probably sooner rather than later really)
  • Tempting as it is to use them early, MGs like BAR or MG5 and such are extremely resource heavy and not good for starting commanders. Being lategame units, they require a good supply of resources (ammo mainly) and additional dummy links before they truly shine.
  • Shotguns are stupidly expensive. Have a solid resourcebase AND work on basic units before working on getting Shotguns. While you will need them over the long run, you're not going to use them early on.
  • The same goes for fairies – they're lategame goodies you can worry about after you have 3-4 echelons fully levelled; you won't be able to afford their steep costs to build, enhance and skill level before.
  • RUN EMERGENCY MODE MAPS BEFORE MOVING ON TO THE NEXT CHAPTER Seriously, the story makes more sense that way. I shouldn't have to mention this but it apparently happens all the time?
  • For love of god, learn to control your tanks. It gives you huge advantages and lets you actually win battles you dont have business doing.
  • You get 30 gems a week from just tapping "share on social media" ingame. You don't even need to actually share things, or if you want you can delete it right after. Its a nice free extra.

Author: Katyusha
Tags: First Steps
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