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Getting Started

To get started with the game:

  • Make friends. No, seriously. Reddit has friendcode threads, as do the various discords, otherwise ask around.
  • Once you have them, abuse friend squads to cheese through chapters 1 to 3 and collect the first three AR-team girls (M4A1, SOPMOD, AR-15). Have the friend echelons murder the boss, keep your own echelon(s) at your base to defend it.
  • In parallel, work on crafting good SMGs to start with. If you can get UMP45, she can be used at your 1st echelon, otherwise save whatever high rarity unit you get for your next (you can decide whether to keep or dismantle them when you are more experienced, or follow our unit ratings for that). After that, start crafting for ARs to prepare for your next echelon. 
  • You now have enough units to build a good echelon. 


  • If you couldn't get UMP45 use Ingram. If you prefer other options, read the additional notes. 
  • Take this echelon and start grinding it up. Don't bother getting them all to lvl100. Lvl90 x5 is the final breakpoint.
    • If you get UMP45, leave UMP45 at x3 if you think you don't have enough cores. UMP45 provides the least from dummy linking. 
    • Make sure you use planning mode (at the bottom left of the screen in maps). Just try it out. 
    • Just use quick repairs if you need to repair. They are relatively limited in the early game but they are one of the things that everyone has too much of by mid-game. 
  • This will carry you through the entire early game, and even if you go with the minimum core consumption, M4A1 and AR-15 are among the best endgame units. 
  • Focus on one, at most two echelons at first to snowball faster, unlock all logistics, then worry about training additional echelons. Read the notes if you REALLY want to know why. 
  • In the beginning, you're looking for 2 ARSMG echelons and one RFHG echelon, after that it's up to you.
  • Spend your free gems to get to at least 6 echelons (first costs 440, 880 for the rest). 7 will be useful later, but at least 6. This allows you to fight and conduct full logistics at all times. 8 is handy. More echelons than that is for when you know what you're doing, but you WILL want all 10 eventually (and probably sooner rather than later really)
  • Tempting as it is to use them early, MGs like BAR or MG5 and such are extremely resource heavy and not good for starting commanders. Being lategame units, they require a good supply of resources (ammo mainly) and additional dummy links before they truly shine.
  • Shotguns are stupidly expensive. Have a solid resourcebase AND work on basic units before working on getting Shotguns. While you will need them over the long run, you're not going to use them early on.
  • The same goes for fairies – they're lategame goodies you can worry about after you have 3-4 echelons fully levelled; you won't be able to afford their steep costs to build, enhance and skill level before. However, make sure to do one Heavy Equipment Production for the free Command Fairy which you can slap on just to have it get exp.  
  • RUN EMERGENCY MODE MAPS BEFORE MOVING ON TO THE NEXT CHAPTER Seriously, the story makes more sense that way. I shouldn't have to mention this but it apparently happens all the time?
  • For love of god, learn to control your tanks. It gives you huge advantages and lets you actually win battles you dont have business doing.
  • You get 30 gems a week from just tapping "share on social media" ingame. You don't even need to actually share things, or if you want you can delete it right after. Its a nice free extra.

Additional Notes by Dusk#

If you want justification on why we ask you to do things, or you like reading 5 thousand words of things you will gradually learn while playing the game, here. 

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