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Getting Started

To get started with the game:

  • Resources (Ammo, Manpower, Rations and Parts) are the main non-premium currency in the game. You can get some passively but the main way of getting resources is via Logistics. (Main Menu > Combat > Logistic Support tab). The logistics you can run depends on the story chapters you have unlocked, as such, it is a high priority to clear story maps to unlock more (and very often better) logistics. 
  • RUN EMERGENCY MODE MAPS BEFORE MOVING ON TO THE NEXT CHAPTER Seriously, the story makes more sense that way. I shouldn't have to mention this but it apparently happens all the time?
  • After clearing story maps, check and complete your Career Quests in the Quests list. These quests gives you rewards after clearing certain maps, which include Combat ReportsCores, and Pre-leveled units. 
    • Combat Reports gives a unit exp. You can use them by clicking the + near the experience bar in a unit's page, or in the dorm (Base button from main menu > Dorm > Move to whatever dorm your echelon is at > Warehouse button at bottom right > Gift tab at the top > Preset at Combat reports) (Just use the first technique)
    • Cores are used to dummy link a unit. This can be done at levels 10, 30, 70 and 90. In battle, it is shown by your unit having a clone of that unit. Each dummy link increases the damage output and health by 100% (up to 500% at 5x) so it's a massive factor on how strong/tanky your units are. 
  • Increasing the level of the unit DOES NOT DIRECTLY MAKE THE UNIT STRONGER.
    • Increasing the level of the unit increases the maximum stats of a unit. YOU HAVE TO ENHANCE THE UNIT WITH OTHER FODDER OR ENHANCEMENT PILLS BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY GET ANY OF THOSE STATS. This is literally in the in-game tutorial but somehow people don't seem to realize that this mechanic is a thing?
    • Levels also unlock dummy links, which are mentioned above. 
  • The starting echelon is complete trash but should last long enough for you to get the first few free units. Put them in the starting echelon over the starter HGs and use them to clear more maps for better units. 
    • Type64 is an SMG and should be used as a tank. Put her in front of other units to absorb hits. 
    • Ots-12 and STG-44 are ARs that provides DPS, put them behind Type64. 
    • Check the below image for an example. You can use any two units in position 7 and 8. They aren't very relevant at this point of the game. 

Numbers on the tiles are based on a computer numpad. If someone uses a number to tell you where to put a unit, this is usually what they're referring to.

  • In parallel, work on crafting good SMGs to start with. If you can get UMP45, she's probably the best candidate for your first echelon, otherwise just use any decent SMG (5* SMGs cost more cores to link and not all of them are suited for this role. Check our unit ratings). 
  • On 2-6, 3-3 and 3-6, you will get first three AR-team girls (M4A1, SOPMOD, AR-15). Unlike the units before, M4A1, AR-15 and M4 SOPMOD II are among the best endgame units, and come pre-leveled and pre-dummy linked.  
    • You'll also continue to get other units. Make sure to lock and keep them for now.
  • You now have enough units to build a good echelon. 


  • This will carry you through the entire early game
  • Use this echelon to clear story maps. You will get more combat reports after clearing more story maps, just use them on this echelon. Remember that you still have to enhance your units after leveling them. 
    • Don't waste your limited combat reports getting them all to lvl100. Lvl90 x5 is the final dummy link breakpoint. Also getting your first echelon to max power is much more important than hoarding.
    • Make sure to dummy link your units at lvl70 and 90 with the free cores provided. If you don't have enough cores for whatever reason, prioritize your ARs. 
    • Just use quick repairs if you need to repair. They are relatively limited in the early game but they are one of the things that everyone has too much of by mid-game. 
    • Focus on that one echelon at first to snowball faster, by unlocking all logistics and clearing all simulations, then worry about training additional echelons. Your initial combat reports and dummy link cores are not enough to support 2 echelons. 
  • You can get the rest of the AR team from clearing story maps. RO635 in particular is a pretty good SMG if you hadn't gotten one and comes at lvl90 and 5 links so you don't need to work on her. 
  • After your first echelon, you'll have to grind your other echelons.  
    • Make sure you use planning mode (at the bottom left of the screen in maps). Just try it out. 
  • In the beginning, you're looking for 2 ARSMG echelons and one RFHG echelon, after that it's up to you. Prioritize on the RFHG after your first echelon.
    • Springfield and M14 are decent starter units and come pre-leveled and linked, so use them (unless if you have a better unit and you have spare cores) with 3 HGs, including SAA who is also pre-leveled and linked. 
  • Spend your free gems to get to at least 6 echelons (first costs 440, 880 for the rest). 7 will be useful later, but at least 6. This allows you to fight and conduct full logistics at all times. 8 is handy. More echelons than that is for when you know what you're doing, but you WILL want all 10 eventually (and probably sooner rather than later really)
  • Tempting as it is to use them early, MGs like BAR or MG5 and such are extremely resource heavy and not good for starting commanders. Being lategame units, they require a good supply of resources (ammo mainly) and additional dummy links before they truly shine.
  • Shotguns are stupidly expensive. Have a solid resourcebase AND work on basic units before working on getting Shotguns. While you will need them over the long run, you're not going to use them early on.
  • The same goes for fairies – they're lategame goodies you can worry about after you have 3-4 echelons fully levelled; you won't be able to afford their steep costs to build, enhance and skill level before. However, make sure to do one Heavy Equipment Production for the free Command Fairy which you can slap on just to have it get exp.  
  • For love of god, learn to control your tanks. It gives you huge advantages and lets you actually win battles you dont have business doing.
  • You get 30 gems a week from just tapping "share on social media" ingame. You don't even need to actually share things, or if you want you can delete it right after. Its a nice free extra.


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