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The farm map for daily clears is Wheel of Fortune. Just to get that out there first.


Welcome to another seasonal event where we get side stories and some laughs, hopefully. In this one, they decided to amp up the difficulty just a tad with the use of KCCO enemies from Shattered Connexion (and a boss from Polarized Light)! So we'll go over them here. Except the boss; don't fight that unless you know how to kill him. Trust me.





Also known as archers.

You ever wonder what the Military version of a Jaeger would be? This is it.

In addition to just generally being a pain like Jaegers, they also come with their own skill. After a short while of wailing on your units, they'll fire a molotov-like arrow. This will be indicated by warning tiles, and it should definitely not be stood in. Take lessons from MMOs on this one.

Not much to say about dealing with them aside from shootbang harder.


Now, they are reskinned for this event, so don't think they'll always look like this.

So, remember scouts? Yeah. This is the Military version of them. Insanely high evade WITH armor (not enough to matter usually) can make them a pain to deal with.

A lot of the time, RFs are the go to to deal with these guys, as their high accuracy can make short work of them. However, their targeting can be an issue.


Also known as dogs or doggos.

These guys are melee units that come in hard and fast. They'll bite you for a bit then pull up their annoying mechanic, a shield.

This shield reduces all damage to 1 per hit. If you break the shield, it will do massive damage to the dog.

The amount of HP the shield has depends on the HP of the dog, so for this event it should be small. 

You'll want to run units with high initial damage to burn them before they put their shield up. If that isn't an option, use high RoF units to break the shield as fast as you can.

Recon Centers:

Also known as rec centers. It's also reskinned for this event.

So, you remember those pathfinders? These spawn them. Simple as that. They're also HEAVILY armored usually, so you want to bring RFs for these.


You know the Paradeus Doppelsoldners (gundams)? Yeah. this is the Military's reply to that.

These guys are melee units that will roll up on echelons and tase the fuck out of them.

Thankfully, they decide to chill for a few and put up a shield that cuts damage by 80%. Your job is to kill it prior to, or during that shield.  After that, they'll zap whatever doll is in front of them. This will usually do a ton of damage, since it scales the damage per doll link.

Sometimes they'll also drop missiles on marked tiles. That'll end your life, just like the zap. Try to kill it prior to that.


Because it's probably good to know, there's other reskinned enemies in the event that may cause issues.


Hydras look like this for now:



And Dactyls look like this:



Have fun and don't die to new KCCO units.


Author: Kazuki
Tags: seasonal
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