Glasses optional

Va11 Hall-A Hidden


Note: You NEED at least a Level 80 Jill to clear this map as intended.

This is accessed by killing the three Drunk tagged enemies within normal mode va-11 hall-a. They're found in PioneerFear of Public Speaking, and The Last Rain in the World




Objective: Defeat the boss. 
Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG with Jill. 


This is a very straightfoward map. You have a straight shot from the Heliport you start with to the enemy Command Center where the boss is located.


This is a survival fight. Assuming you have a Lv 80 Jill, your goal in the fight is to survive until the drink counter goes to 10. The counter goes up slowly over time, but you can add to it by using the Big Beer drink from Jill's skill. This is made via Flanergride, Bronson Extract, and a Karmotrine. 

Dana has one skill, Red Geysir, which functions like a grenade. She'll use this periodically and it usually targets the front-most unit. Sometimes it can be a bit wonky, but generally she'll go after that unit. This can splash, so try to keep whoever's taking the hit away from others. Since this is the first time that EN's had a skill like this, do note that the more dummy links you have, the more damage Red Geysir will do. If you're struggling to survive, you can swap out whoever's tanking for a damaged unit so it'll do overall less damage. You can also use shields from things like Sei or S.A.T.8 to heavily dampen how much Red Geysir does. It forces the attack to just do one instance of damage, making it not immediately end you. 

This shouldn't be too much of an issue since the fight ends pretty quickly if you're using Jill. Just keep her safe from Dana as she serves up Big Beers. Once the counter hits 10, the fight will end you'll win.


Author: Kazuki
Tags: Va11-halla
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