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Name Starting Rarity Useful? Notes


★★★ She's free. Also she's kinda insane utility wise for what you get.

You get her just for unlocking SF Capture, which is good because you need a ringleader to make an effective SF echelon. Also makes her the only one you can get off her normal season. This is still good, because she's actually fuckin good for utility + has good combat stats, and because Executioner fucking sucks. Far from the strongest ringleader for combat, but she's serviceable enough to handle most enemies.

Overall: Surprisingly really good for general use. Synergizes well with chips that drive her into enemy territory and lets her capture areas there with Shadow Predator without having to bring a second echelon. Overall super good utility if you can get creative.


★★★ Combat buffer with some map utility

She has map utility and can buff allies, rather than simply being overwhelmingly strong on her own. However, unlike the map utility things used by Agent or Scarecrow, she isn't so much going to let you control a map as much as let you buy time in case of nasties you can't deal with or something needs to be delayed (perhaps on a ranking map).


★★★ At long last, the maid is here. She can stick to serving you tea.

Agent is going to have some use for your team just because she's a para drop unit. She uses movement instead of fairy points, but for SF-only type missions she's basically going to be your only choice. For mixed-faction missions, she can supplement a lack of parachute fairies or be used if you have more free AP than fairy commands for some reason or other.

Her passives also help out allies, and the numbers look quite good when you plot it out on paper.

She seems great, but unfortunately she has a lot of problems that reduce her combat effectiveness. First, while SF units have higher stats than G&K dolls, they rely more heavily on these stats, so a massive stat reduction hurts them a lot if they have to fight more than token resistance. Unlike G&K dolls, they don't have a lot of things that let them offset this, and it's especially problematic for things like accuracy. She's good for taking down helipads and then bringing in more combat-capable units after, but if you need her to fight directly, this really limits your unit options to things that can work despite the huge debuffs like SWAP Rippers and Manticores.

As of this writing, there was an issue with her attack animation being janky because skills are part of all her attacks and she has wonky coding that means she attacks slower than she should (it's basically 22 frames, rather than what her RoF says it should be). This is most noticeable when you see her clones that SHOULD be attacking slower than her, but both take 0.667sec to finish their attack animations. This kills her DPS a lot, but at least this also affects enemies with equally janky animations. Enemy dragoons, for example, also attack slower than their RoF stat would indicate (weirdly, player Dragoons do NOT suffer from this).


★★★ Decent if combo'd with White Nyto. Meh otherwise. Awful Fire Support.

Basically an RF type boss. Slow firing, big damage, not great. With the support of White Nyto, she's actually decent, with Alina providing good fire support and then the explosions causing a decent chunk of damage. Unfortunately this is a lot of resources to invest in attacking when you could just attack the enemy with better bosses.


★★★ Excellent Fire Support. Average direct combat

Despite being the melee of the pair, somehow the White Nyto is the actually good fire support one. Figures.

Her direct combat ability is average for a boss, with good DPS and survivability, and excellent buffs to melee units (which suffers a bit from the fact this is a game about guns) and an alright tanking skill. What she really brings to the table however, is surprisingly fire support capability with terrible range (basically 1 node away). Like, it's really good, with high damage every 2 seconds that contributes significantly to a fight, and is excellent in Theater where her range doesn't matter. She has combos with her sister, except Black Nyto sucks at providing support so it will likely not come up

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