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Cheytac M200 Intervention

Cheytac M200 Intervention – ★★★★★ Rifle

Tags: Class: Rifle Misc: Witchcraft Role: DPS Skill: Unique

The EN timed exclusive T-doll! AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM!

She's somewhat similar to IWS conceptionally, but due to how her rate of fire works (or rather doesn't), and her guaranteed hits (she ignores evasion/accuracy), she's used in different situations…

M200 is excellent against evasive armoured enemies at night, which are a royal pain in the ass to deal with otherwise. It's possible without M200, by stacking up enough buffs, but M200 just 360 MLG noscope headshots them, which is obviously superior. Unlike IWS, she manages to maintain relevance in current year. Turns out ignoring evade is quite strong.

Additional Notes#

Her skill seems similar to IWS, there's several important differences:

  • While her skill is active, she completely ignores RoF. Instead, each shot is a separate skill shot on a skill cooldown. That means you can use one of the Carcano sisters to increase her RoF… somewhat. 10% isn't nothing, but it's a far cry to the 167% buff piled onto IWS.
  • As her shots are skill shots, they cannot miss. This is extremely helpful against evasive enemies at night and her main appeal, since no other (non-bamboo) rifle can do this (and bamboos shoot too slow to work).
  • Her skill shots can crit. That will allow for some truly hilarious builds once we get handguns that buff crit damage, and make crit damage buffing fairies interesting.
  • On release, her skill shots also ignored armour. Sadly MICA decided this was too OP and removed it after a day. :<

Her biggest weakness is her low rate of fire – even with Carcano buffs, she can only get off a maximum of 7 skill shots, without buffs she's limited to 6. (She somehow hits 7 shots even with just one Carcano buffing, so no point in bringing both.) That's not a problem against small groups of high HP enemies (Manticores, Gundams, etc.), but for general purpose night fighting, she'll struggle to get off enough shots to hit all the enemies.

Which of the Carcano sisters you want to pair her with is still open to further experimentation.


Thanks to Congaman for shooping up this ridiculous image.

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