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NORINCO QJY-88 (Type-88 Machine Gun)

NORINCO QJY-88 (Type-88 Machine Gun) – ★★★★★ Machine Gun

Decent Multi-Volley MG
Tags: Class: Machine Gun Role: DPS Skill: Selfbuff FP Skill: Unique Tile: Buff Acc Tile: Buff Armour

Because we need more things named Type-88 clearly.

Has both active and passive bits to their skill. Her active mode is basically an FP up - you've seen this before. Her passive mode is based on moving around. By default, she's in LMG mode and fires from the shoulder, and has increased movespeed. Her accuracy however, suffers a debuff while in LMG mode (although thankfully her acc stat isnt awful). Once she sits still for 6 seconds though, she sets up her bipod and goes into HMG mode, which gives her an acc BUFF and extends her belt by 2 shots. She switches back to LMG mode if made to move.

Equivalent to Alma. Alma will win early volleys (first 2 mags) but Type-88 will deal more for extended (3+ belts) fights. Both make MG4 cry.

Additional Notes

Creshal's Note#

On her first mag, she's worse than LWMMG, so unlike Alma she's not all that useful for EN just yet. She will be once we start needing armour-buffing builds.

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