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Type-4 Self-Loading Rifle (4-Shiki)

Type-4 Self-Loading Rifle (4-Shiki) – ★★★★ Rifle

Can shoot through enemies so kinda useful
Tags: Class: Rifle Role: DPS Skill: Has a Passive Skill: Selfbuff RoF Skill: Unique

Basically M1 Garand hit by a Japanizing beam courtesy of the IJN (which is why she has a sailor uniform). ...And then it changed her skill to something actually vaguely useful.

Every 3rd shot she fires is a line AoE that doesnt miss, but sadly cant crit. This is actually pretty cool at night vs evasive enemies, like Uhlan formations in a post CT-environment (Uhlan formations start having evade), though actually a bit of a DPS loss on nonevasive enemies.

Not exactly a normal use rifle, but the niche she has comes up fairly often so having 1 on hand is useful.

Additional Notes#

Dusk's Notes#

Note that many good fairies give crit damage. Multiply that to the base 175% Crit damage (assuming max gold cape) means that she loses A LOT of damage from not critting, especially if she only hits 1 target with her pierce. 

With Taunt fairy, for example, her critical damage would be 218%, which would be ignored on her piercing shot. 

How good her piercing shot is really comes down to how many relevant/important targets she can hit (destroying 2 Jaeger stacks completely is good, hitting 3 scouts to hit 1 Dragoon in the back is not so great).

An exception is against enemies with high armor and evade at night, which then more likely her auto-hit allows her to do more damage than other RFs despite losing crit damage. (Missing more than half your shots is common in those cases)


Unlike QBU, her piercing shot does hits equal to the number of links Type4 has. (QBU does hits equal to the number of links the TARGET ENEMY has, like grenades). Also note that she does not need to hit the same unit multiple times for her piercing shot. 


And note that, when she uses her piercing shot, she will always retarget to target the furthest unit, which is often-times a good thing and sometimes screws you over as she switched her target from something you want to kill to something you don't need to kill. 


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