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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Rifle ★★★★★ Hates Armor. Has use but YMMV

A pastiche of fetishes that the game somehow didn't cover before. Behold, armor-destroying big gun brown eyepatch girl. Fixed fire rate that's slightly jank due to how the game handles frame count (shouldn't matter though), and absolutely hates armor. Her skill is passive and her basically permanent 400% damage vs armored enemies lets her shred armored units fairly early on.

Her five second reload time may or may not matter very much, depending on circumstances.

Notably used in data sim setups.


Assault Rifle ★★★★ Ambulatory Special Equipment. KALASHNIKOV WILL RISE AGAIN

A fan doll that got so much traction that MICA brought her in. Do you REALLY like the AKs? Do AKs make you feel all tingly inside?

Her own buffs to herself count herself as an AK, so no matter what you get at least a 5% boost if you send her by herself. But frankly if you're not using at least two other AKs, why the fuck are you even using her? If you have AK47's best special equipment, she becomes a proper lord of war with very high DPS. Likewise, she makes AK-15's janky skill work (and this is before the Mod 3 made Ak15 busted as all fuck), boosts AK-12's DPS a considerable amount, and amazingly, solves AK-74U's problems with uptime.

While the percentages don't seem impressive for her self-buff, it's a passive, so you get a 44% boost from the very first shot no matter what in a four AK echelon (74SU + pick 2 other AK dolls you like), which gives her a decent start.


Machine Gun ★★★★★ An actually excellent multipurpose MG

Between her two modes AND a passive that helps keep shotguns alive, I don't think there's much more to say other than "she's great, you will probably find a use for her."

Super SASS Mod

Super SASS Mod
Rifle ★★★★ Very Specific Niche Shit

Her mod has changed her up from just a 1-shot-1-kill attempt like the other bamboo rifles and gone to... uhm.. she keeps trying to kill them if she fails. It's sort of funny thinking about it, with her going "WHY WONT YOU DIE, JUST DIE ALREADY" as she keeps unloading into the poor fucker who should have been killed.

It's not especially useful right now, but if there's a situation where you want an actual specific thing killed and need something that will keep targeting that thing, it has some potential use. It's very very niche and she's not an especially big priority right now, though.


Shotgun ★★★★★ Shotgun Flex Pick

With LTLX7000 being out, the main question asked of most shotguns is "are they as good as LTLX?" As for M26-MASS, she does her damn best trying to be. While LTLX has her SUPER dumb damage mitigation in her active skill, M26 has it baked in as a passive. If any damage she takes is 5 or lower, it’s completely ignored, as if she had very good flash rounds. This is applied AFTER armor mitigation AND flash rounds. With flash rounds, she’s essentially immune to anything 8 damage or lower, which is very strong. However, if the enemy does too much damage, this passive does nothing. When it comes to LTLX, having the increased armor still does SOMETHING to mitigate it.

The one thing she does have going for her with her passive is that she can actually mitigate damage that bypasses armor. You can entirely mitigate stuff like grenades through it. You could sit in gundam range for a bit and not fussed about it. You could even sit in Typhon lasers and be fine. (Depending on firepower of Typhon, please do not attempt without consulting a local doctor)

Overall, she does fall short of LTLX just due to the sheer power of doubling your armor along with 20% DR. The utility of her active also is less relevant compared to LTLX. Removing HP shields and buffs (which get far more common) is stronger than a Molotov and DR to backline. To add to that, the 6 second initial cooldown hampers the effectiveness of the backline portion of the skill. This is because most things that do target the backline would already be skullfucking you at that point. Other cases this is bad include maps M26 shouldn’t be brought to for one reason or another, like when shotguns are bad for it in general or you can’t use machine guns.

Steyr ACR

Steyr ACR
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Overly finnicky to use

The Steyr ACR is the gun the Pallet Rifles in EVA are based off of, and this one is about as useful. On one hand, it seems like she'd be good for para fairy and its debuffs (you get +25% final damage with that), except it isn't enough to make up for the debuffs still. It's also not very easy to get debuffed. Evaluation may change based on future enemies, but really it's not worth it when you have so many good ARs to choose from.

M1897 Trenchsweeper Mod

M1897 Trenchsweeper  Mod
Shotgun ★★★★ Became a maid, still sucks at her job

Expensive AND still doesn't do anything useful? Say it ain't so.

Shame, since I like the shotgun, but she sucks harder than the vacuum cleaner she should be using instead of her broom.

Note from Kyazuki: Xecty doesn't like DPS shotguns, but she's alright if you want her for that. Probably not worth the cost for most.


Machine Gun Special Better than nothing, but if you have better MGs, use those

Suffers from not only being an MG, but an inconsistent one due to her passive. Her stats are alright, but her passive skill is unreliable, not that it matters much since it only activates on reload. The active suffers from the problem of activating slowly enough that you'd expect MGs to have already killed most of what you'd want to stun anyway.


Rifle Special Actually really good if you meet her skill's conditions

Yes, Pekola, as opposed to a certain dumb rabbit. The eternally-starving once-most-powerful angel. She actually won't attack at all until you meet her conditions of getting enough buffs. Thankfully, stuff like Python's FP buff stacks count as individual buffs. More hilariously, the fairy talent Fervor also counts as three buffs. This makes satisfying the conditions for her skill actually pretty easy.

What you get for doing so is a ridiculous RF that completely ignores enemy armor and shields. A major downside to this though is she wont deal as much damage as another RF if you don't need such capabilities, since she isn't affected by very many damage buffs due to how she works.

This should be obvious, but you should pick up her unique gear if you plan on using her.


Submachine Gun Special Off-tank with more focus on DPS

Kinda lewd. Her side DPS actually isn't awful, but her ability to tank sucks. Also it's called Jashin-chan Dropkick because she... dropkicks things.


Rifle ★★★★★ Paratrooper-ready Anti-trash Rifle

With her skill kicking, she deals a fixed amount of bonus damage based on how many enemies show up, and deals bonus damage when she changes targets. The good part is that since it's a fixed amount based on enemy count, the rest of her stats don't matter. Doubly so because it ignores Armor, Evasion, Shields, etc., so she can still be useful while suffering from the stat penalties of using Parachute Fairy.


Shotgun ★★★★★ Competes with SAT8 for the best shotgun to use your True Core Mask on

OBEY. Made from a less-lethal shotgun meant to give police forces more options to put down people without killing them. In G&K's case, however, she certainly helps with takedowns.

Incredibly good stats for a shotgun, good formation buffs, and her skill has the unique ability to cancel enemy buffs. These buffs include ENEMY SHIELDS (including Patroller shields) and stat buffs (including bullshit enemy evasion buffs). Her mechanics are unique, so she actually ignores normal knockback immunity. Oh, and her armor buff stacks are multiplicative. Unfortunately, the Minotaur's damage reduction is a weird thing that can't be removed, but regardless, you get so much utility from her. Even if you don't need her skill, her stats are just that good.

If you don't have her, get her from a True Core Mask or something. She's just too useful in things like later Theater events.


Shotgun ★★★★ Can buff other shotguns, but isn't great herself

OK, your mileage may vary a lot for this one. Her Armor isn't great and she herself isn't exactly super tanky without her skill up. On the other hand, her skill might buff your other shotgun(s), so it may be useful for that.


Machine Gun ★★★★★ An MG without the main downside (But has a bunch of new ones)

The mightiest Alpaca to ever wield a machine gun. Don't ask. I don't want to have to explain KR server memes.

Ok, she seems amazing. An MG that never runs out of ammo because they act like an AR while reloading. This is flat out amazing if you need an MG shooting at stuff long-term. She doesn't have great burst compared to the other MGs, but she does extremely well for very long term sustain, which...has annoyingly been coming up more and more lately.

Given the skill, one might be tempted to treat her like a normal AR with hilarious early burst damage, but you'd be dumb to do so, because she doesn't get buffs from SMGs and other sources that buff ARs. Also her crit rate is the usual garbage 5% MGs usually get instead of the much better AR rates, and she can't equip PEQs.

That said, she can be a fun mix if you, say, happen to need AR formations to punch through armour (because she can use the absolutely bonkers MG unique ammo types)


Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Do you feel lucky? (RNG-based DPS)

Meet Milo, Miley's (AK-12) tomboy sister, who has literally no chill (you'll see why as soon as you meet her in story).

She is literally the most RNG-based DEFY member, with a chance to deal extra damage. If you'e lucky, she does good damage from the get-go. If you're super lucky, she keeps activating it while her active is going and you annihilate everything.

Because of how her active works, she's not as good at dealing with trash mobs, which can literally cut down her DPS. Be careful when using her, basically. She's REALLY RNG-dependent though.

Also, Abs. Did I mention abs? Yeah. Abs.

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