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Hanyang Type 88 Mod

Hanyang Type 88 Mod – ★★★★ Rifle

Wtf how can a shit gun be this good. Seriously, go get her already.
Tags: Class: Rifle Misc: Digimind Upgrade Role: DPS Skill: Grenade Skill: Pierce Skill: Selfbuff FP Skill: Selfbuff Movement Speed

Every bit as good as she used to be awful; this is quite a feat, since she used to be IMMENSELY awful. You can make a fairly convincing argument she's a better value mod than AR team these days. She's that good. She's a little hard to use, sure, but she has piercing on a rifle and all sorts of minor extras.

She does have the issue of "can't equip PEQs" and thus suffers as much as any other rifle at night, but a rifle capable of dealing with enemy clusters a la M4 is very nice to have in general. She gets very heavy use in rankings for a reason.

Ironically for a rifle with a night-oriented skill, she works best during the day, because yeah, that issue about not being able to use PEQs.

Her original page can be found here.

Additional Notes#

Like M4, she's very stat dependent, so you really want her mod3 item for its +5 DMG and get her to level 120 for her last DMG stat growth, and ideally oath her as well.

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