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Daewoo Precision Industries K5

Daewoo Precision Industries K5 – ★★★★ Handgun

Tags: Class: Handgun Misc: Tile Fuckery Misc: Witchcraft Role: Offensive Buffer Skill: Buff Fucking Everything Tile: Buff Acc Tile: Buff FP

Her basic tile buff is excellent, which instantly makes her the best handgun to use with MG echelons at day. It's also good for AR echelons at night, if you don't have 5* PEQs on your ARs, similar to SAA. The combination of a significant HG evasive buff plus very decent rifle damage buff also makes her a solid alternative to Grizzly for RFHG echelons. So far, so good.

…and then you notice that her skill is tile based. With proper setup, this means she gives an 174% evasion buff to HG/SMG, 81% damage buff to AR/RF, and/or 483% accuracy buff to MGs. This can a bit finnicky to pull off, but the results are hilarious enough to make it worth the effort.

Additional Notes#

There will be a dedicated post on how to abuse tiles, but the TL;DR is that the skill goes over each tile, and gives all dolls touching that tile a buff. So a doll that's moving diagonally between three tiles covered by K5 will be given three stacks of the buff… and they're multiplicative. The downside, of course, is that your dolls need to be moving for that, which can open holes in your formations and prevents those dolls from tanking/dealing damage/using their skills.

Dusk's Notes#

If there are HGs that you can somehow use 10-of, this is one of them. In practice, you'll probably need less than that, but K5 is one of the units that is rarely the wrong choice. 

RFHG: Her tiles are similar to SAA, with less ACC and more FP, but also covering tiles 1 and 7. This allows her to be in position 5 in RFHG (and ARSMG if you know what you are doing) echelons, where SAA is stuck in position 4. Even if forced in position 4, she does better than SAA as she gives the same FP buff to your RFs, while also slapping a strong 40% EVA buff on the HG in front of her.

ARSMG: When K5 is in position 4, she can give 22% FP to your ARs and 40% EVA to the SMG in front of her. The 40% EVA is what makes her (marginally) better than Grizzly and significantly better than SAA. Additionally, the 40% ACC is often significant for ARs, which provides an edge on DPS over using Grizzly (as their FP tiles are similar). If you are worried that your SMGs will take damage before 6s, learn how to kite. Or not.

MGSG: Can often replace Mk23 in 3MG echelons provides only 6% less FP while giving 40% ACC, which MGs usually lack. With MGs low ACC, you can still get value out of her 40% ACC tiles even with an ACC fairy. Her skill is irrelevant on MGSG in 2 ways. If you are using MGSG with a FP buffer (and not for armor stacking) then you just want to kill enemies ASAP, and if you need 2 salvos for that you might as well use RFHG, which means that she will wouldn't come up. Even if it does come up, it's an ACC buff and you should have plenty by now. That being said, if you plan to do 2 salvos for whatever reason, then run Mk23.

Her one weakness is that she only buffs units on her tiles, which means that there are occasionally sutations where she cannot reach everyone. Unlike other units like Ribeyrolles, however, her buff covers 6 tiles around her, and is really hard to miss. 

Oh, she also doens't work with 5HG, so if you're running 10 of that, then you might not want 10 K5s. 


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